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Warner Bros Discovery, Toshiba TV craft creative content

July 15, 2022

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) has extended its long-term partnership with Toshiba TV brand to launch a new short-form content series that tells the stories of creative and practical craftsmanship around its TV products.

Three unique films will be produced by WBD to tell viewers around the world the stories of Toshiba TV’s creative brand heritages that will call on a deep understanding of artistic fields – from design to visual arts, sound and music. The stories look beyond the technology-only narratives that often are seen in the sector, taking a broader perspective that connects with people’s passion for art and design.

The series will air on WBD’s linear channels in the US and Brazil and will be amplified across the breadth of its social platforms globally.

Stories include:

A Tune across Millennia – Lianjun Yu’s Story with Toshiba TV

  • Highlighting Toshiba TV’s dedication to more authentic sound by showing the magic of the ancient Chinese instrument Xun which carries a 7,000 year legacy

Art in Bold Strokes – Giuseppe Tino’s Story with Toshiba TV

  • Showcasing Toshiba TV’s colour by telling the story of Italian chef Giuseppe Tino as he uses cooking to create visual art and award-winning meals

At the Heart of Design – Shuhei Aoyama’s Story with Toshiba TV

  • Revealing how the simplicity of design and importance of shadow and light is used by architect Shuhei Aoyama and incorporated into Toshiba TV’s products

Mike Rich, Head of International Marketing Solutions at Warner Bros. Discovery, said: “We have a proven track record of producing creative content for the biggest international brands that delivers meaningful engagement with audiences at a scale unmatched anywhere. We look forward to extending our longstanding partnership with Toshiba TV brand to highlight how its craftsmanship is unparalleled and are excited to bring unique stories from the world of music, food and design to our viewers.”

Tatsuhiro Nishioka at Toshiba TV said: “We are delighted with the long-term partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery. Toshiba TV has provided many innovative TV products for over 70 years. We have a strong passion for new technology and quality to provide a better viewing experience. The picture and sound quality are implemented and tuned with developers’ craftsmanship and innovative technologies. The three stories creatively illustrate the inner thoughts of a professional, all of which imply the passion and craftsmanship of Toshiba TVs from many aspects. We believe this long-term partnership will increase the global awareness of Toshiba TV by connecting with our target customers through great stories.”

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