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Family Duplex comedy series by Arab Telemedia Group

July 18, 2022

Arab Telemedia Group crew have started filming the comedy series Family Duplex, a part of the production plan that the Group already started for the upcoming season, where it vowed to present Arab audiences with distinguished and diverse titles with high quality standards. This is part of an action plan that has been in the works for the past two years.

The series, in which a group of elite Jordanian and Arab stars will be part of along with the signature of Director Saed Bashir El Hawwari, includes realistic dimensions and humanitarian messages that will address reality from another point of view through the domain of the hotel, where the events will take place relying on diversity of new and enjoyable characters. Every episode embodies stories that are special and exciting that come with every character that steps into the hotel, making the hotel itself the hero of the story while presenting a funny yet interesting new horizon.

The script was written by a group of writers with the direct supervision of the producer Talal Al Awamleh, where the Series plot was set to come in one season of 30 episodes, and each is 30 minutes long, every episode will begin with an exciting opening scene that presents a question to the viewers and will be answered throughout the episode events.

Arab Telemedia Group’s CEO, Talal Al Awamleh, commented: “The home is an intimate place, where the family is the core of society, maintaining it as united, intact, and loving keeps the society healthy and thriving. Perhaps the idea needs to be brought up today, considering the heavy spread of subjectivity in real life despite the importance of the individual and his inner self. Family values, however, remain important and today those values may be one of the many solutions in restoring the people’s identity, perhaps the comedy presented in the title is trying to convey this idea in an entertaining and interesting way with a clear purpose.”

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