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Sky wins £20K damages from pirate licensees

July 26, 2022

By Colin Mann

Following successful legal action taken by Sky, two licensees in Glasgow have each been ordered to pay £10,000 (€11,821) in damages for infringing Sky’s copyright by showing Sky Sports programming illegally in their premises.

Sky sought and was awarded permanent interdicts (injunctions) in the Court of Session, Edinburgh, which prevent the below licensees and anyone acting on their behalf from infringing Sky’s copyright by showing Sky programming without the correct commercial licence. The licensees have been ordered to pay damages in the sum of £10,000, plus interest, and must also pay Sky’s costs and fund the publication of notices advertising the orders in local press.

The premises and licensees are:

  • Old Govan Arms, 907 Govan Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G51 3DN– Natasha Copeland (Tenant) and Janice Paterson (DPM)
  • Stables Bar, 607 Old Edinburgh Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G71 6HJ – M&K Taverns Ltd (Tenant) and Maureen McLaughlin (DPM)

These successful cases come from Sky’s instruction to intellectual property experts from Burness Paull LLP and form a key part of Sky’s commitment to protecting pubs who invest in legitimate Sky Sports subscriptions.

Sky is committed to visiting every licensed premises reported by other licensees and organisations for illegally showing Sky and have arranged to visit hundreds of pubs each week in towns and cities across the UK this season.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important to protect the investment of our customers,” asserts Sara Stewart, Commercial Compliance Lead at Sky. “Businesses that show Sky Sports illegally can leave our legitimate Sky subscribers feeling short-changed.”

“We actively visit thousands of pubs every season to monitor the games they are showing to help protect hardworking Sky customers who are unfairly losing business due to this illegal activity.”

“Venues who continue to televise content in this way are breaking the law, and are at risk of being caught, which can result in licensees being ordered to pay significant damages and legal costs to Sky, and/or losing their personal licence,” she warns.

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