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Republic of Cyprus joins DCO

July 28, 2022

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) has welcomed the Republic of Cyprus as the latest member state to join DCO’s global ecosystem focused on digital prosperity for all. The Republic of Cyprus is the first European Union country to join the DCO, an international organisation that aims to accelerate the inclusive growth of the digital economy to drive sustainable growth and empower nations.

The Republic of Cyprus, represented by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (DMRID), will become the 11th nation to join DCO.

Under the remit of the DMRID, the Republic of Cyprus has a proactive, forward-thinking programme to develop its digital economy, and has been recognised for making strong progress to enhance its national capabilities and readiness for digital. It is worth noting that Cyprus recorded the biggest progress in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Rankings for 2020, and improved its performance on all dimensions of the EU’s 2021 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which assesses nations based on Human capital, Connectivity, Integration of Digital Technology, and Digital Public Services.

H.E. Kyriacos Kokkinos, the Deputy Minister to the President for Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy said: “The Republic of Cyprus is very pleased to be joining the Digital Cooperation Organization and becoming a part of this great effort to accelerate the growth of the digital economy and build a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future for all,”  adding that “In the face of many challenges, and while socioeconomic global developments and technological evolutions continue to take place and evolve, international cooperation in the digital sphere is a powerful investment in our shared future.”

According to the Deputy Minister, Cyprus’s national ambitions and strategic objectives fully align with the DCO’s mission and expressed the government’s great pride in being part of this exciting journey, sharing knowledge and experience with the global community. “As the first EU member state to join the DCO, and a natural crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa”, said Kokkinos, “Cyprus aspires to act as a bridge between nations, people, and ideas, facilitating communication, collaboration, and knowledge transfer.”

Deemah AlYahya, Secretary-General of the DCO, commented: “We are very pleased that the Republic of Cyprus has chosen to become the eleventh member state of the DCO, today with the leadership of Cyprus, marks a major milestone for DCO, where the first European nation has joined the DCO. We are focused on fostering an international ecosystem for knowledge sharing and cooperation to promote digital prosperity for all, and the accession of Cyprus is an important milestone as we grow the DCO’s reach into a global organisation with member states that reflect a diversity of experience and strategic approaches. Many of the strategic initiatives that have been undertaken by Cyprus are in alignment with the DCO’s own objectives, such as programmes to reduce barriers for digital start-ups and to foster entrepreneurship; and initiatives to advance inclusion for women, youth, and other underrepresented populations in the digital economy.”

“Cyprus is also a good example of how nations can use smart policies and strategies to create a solid foundation for an equitable digital economy, and we look forward to engaging Cypriot expertise with the rest of the DCO to share knowledge, experience, and best practice on driving digital prosperity,” added AlYahya.

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