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WOW podcast network reveals 2022 slate

August 5, 2022

World of Wonder, the Emmy-award winning media company behind the RuPaul’s Drag Race global phenomenon, has announced the new shows joining the WOW podcast network. The seven stand-out podcasts include season 2 of the much-loved Club Kid special Night Fever, and the inaugural season of Gay Sex Ed: The Podcast, which takes the popular WOW Presents Plus original series lead by Kameron Michaels and Vanjie Matteo into podcast form. From a celebration of the gay revolution in the 70s through to candid conversations about modern sex, this expansive slate champions a diverse array of queer voices and stories.

Night Fever kicks off the slate with a second season that continues to explore the figures who defined New York nightlife in the 70s, 80s and 90s and beyond. Hosted by James St James and World of Wonder’s co-founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, this season will feature interviews with icons like Michelle Visage, where she discusses the teen dance scene in 1980s New Jersey, Susanne Bartsch who walks listeners through some of her most scandalous nights at the Copacabana, and Jayne County, a trans punk rocker, who relives the experience of being at Stonewall the night the first brick was thrown, her time with Bowie and becoming Warhol’s muse. Covering everything from important queer history to the most salacious tales of the New York nightlife, the upcoming season of Night Fever promises an unmatched selection of camp, gossip, and nostalgia.

Gay Sex Ed: The Podcast takes the popular WOW Presents Plus series format and gives it new life in a weekly episodic podcast. Together with certified sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue, RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 alum Kameron Michaels and Vanjie Mateo bring you candid sex education from the gay male perspective. Each week will bring a new topic, discussed in depth with surprising sincerity and non-stop laughs, from the hilarious perspectives and anecdotes of the series hosts.

In the new seasons of UNHhhh: The Podcast, The Things That Made Me Queer, It Do Take Nerd and The Pink Room, the series will continue their beloved and outrageous formats with a roster of fresh guests and storylines. Trixie and Katya bring fans their signature banter and beloved wit on UNHhhh: The Podcast, Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey grill even more your favourite LGBTQ+ celebrities on everything from their pop culture obsessions to their love lives, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Crystal will unpack the journey of self-love and acceptance with a rotating list of celebrity guests on The Things That Made Me Queer, Jackie Cox digs even deeper into her love of nerd culture on “It Do Take Nerd”, and Ash Kenazi will invite us into even more of the queerest backstages since the Blonde Ambition tour with a rotating queue of brand new artists on The Pink Room.

Upcoming original series from the WOW Podcast Network include:

  • UNHhhh: The Podcast  – Now Airing

C’mon, season seven! Trixie and Katya are back for another season of a show about nothing because it’s about everything. So come take a load off and watch, because it’s their show – not yours.

  • Homophilia – Now Airing

Host Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey grill your favourite LGBTQ+ celebrities on what they’re loving, and who they’re loving. These queer-centric conversations spotlight our guests’ pop culture obsessions and personal experiences with dating, sex, and love.

  • Night Fever S2  – August 8, 2022

Join James St James and co-hosts Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato as they talk to the leading New York nightlife figures of the 1970s, ’80s, ’90s, and beyond. Featured guests include Michelle Visage, Jayne County, Susanne Bartsch, and many more. It’s campy, it’s gossipy, it’s jaw-droppingly funny – it’s must-hear podcasting.

  • Gay Sex Ed: The Podcast – August 18, 2022

Kamjie’s back! Join Kameron Michaels and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo as they talk about all things sex, with certified sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue providing his expert opinion on the topic of the week. Gay Sex Ed – it’s everything you didn’t learn in High School, but probably should have.

  • The Things That Made Me Queer S3 – Coming later this year

Join Crystal from Drag Race UK as she sits down with a range of celebrity guests and friends to chat about the touchpoints of their queer journey through the items they “bring” along to the studio.

  • It Do Take Nerd S2 – Coming later this year

Jackie Cox, queen nerd herself, is back, nerds! From sci-fi to fantasy, to video games – no four-eyed subject is off-limits as Jackie discusses the Queer impact that nerdy fandoms have had on her and her special guests.

  • The Pink Room S2 – Coming later this year

Welcome to The Pink Room, the queerest backstage since the Blond Ambition tour. Each week, Ash Kenazi invites an artist backstage to discuss the scandals, the hijinks, and the pressures of a life on the road. Together we draw back the curtain on that elusive world and reveal the absolute carnage that ensues. And remember queens, what happens on tour gets shared in The Pink Room!

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