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JW Player launches scalable video platform solution

August 9, 2022

JW Player (JWP), the video platform for broadcasters, publishers, and video-driven brands, has announced it will be unveiling a brand new end-to-end solution at IBC. This solution makes it easy for broadcasters to deliver compelling digital video experiences, accelerate their streaming strategy, and grow their business.

The complete broadcaster solution integrates 24/7 Live Channels and Studio DRM into the JWP video platform to enable broadcasters to stream videos (Live or VOD) with broadcast-grade performance. The addition of these new capabilities comes as a direct result of JWP’s acquisition of VUALTO, the leading live video streaming and DRM provider.

JWP’s innovative live broadcasting technology combined with advertising and subscription-based monetization capabilities, allows broadcasters to benefit from reduced complexity and costs related to video management while enabling them to optimize revenue.

The platform also leverages JWP’s partnership with Applicaster to allow broadcasters to develop their own custom OTT apps. Together, these new capabilities provide broadcasters with the flexibility and extensibility to easily stream Live & VOD content to any device or platform.

James Burt, SVP – Broadcast Products, JWP, said: “We’re excited to bring our new complete broadcaster solution to IBC this year. By encapsulating the full spectrum of our innovative technologies, we’re able to offer broadcasters the first complete video platform of its kind, reinforcing our commitment to our customers’ success. It is powerful enough to stream the world’s most popular events and shows to millions, yet simple enough for any broadcaster use case. Its impressive capabilities will allow broadcasters of any size to accelerate their video strategy and continue to grow their business.”

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