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Research: World Cup viewers expect diversity & sustainability ads

August 9, 2022

Research from Teads, the global media platform, reveals brands need to show diversity, promote gender equality, and sustainability in their ads during the men’s football World Cup 2022 if they are to win the hearts and minds of consumers. The research also found that leveraging high-attention premium publishers during the tournament will be key for advertisers, as fans go online to check scores (71 per cent), and read online articles about the matches (51 per cent).

The World Cup will be a huge opportunity for brands to engage with consumers as 70 per cent of UK adults intend to follow the game. But football fans want brands to highlight more Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in their ads as 63 per cent think it’s important the ads shown during the World Cup promote diversity, and 61 per cent want to see more gender equality. A further 65 per cent of football fans believe that sponsors/partners of the World Cup should have a business model that supports sustainability.

The survey conducted by GWI on behalf of Teads consisted of 3,833 18-64 year-olds in the UK, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands and Peru. It found 75 per cent of UK consumers intend to watch the match at home which will mean a result for FMCG brands as consumers say they will be buying alcohol (65 per cent) and snacks (65 per cent) to see them through the game.

Henry Vernon, Head of Insights at Teads, commented: “The World Cup is always a massive draw for brands to get in front of consumers glued to their screens with the hope that football will, once again, come home. This year will be even more special as it will be hot off the heels of the fantastic win by the Lionesses at the Euros, but consumers expect to see the gender equality that was highlighted during the competition to carry on into the men’s World Cup. Brands have a real opportunity this year to ensure they aren’t scoring an own goal and actually engage with consumers in the way they expect – by authentically showing gender equality, diversity, and sustainability. This needs to go beyond brand messaging, and be put into play by advertisers supporting quality publishers with their media budgets, as consumers turn to trusted news sources for their football fix.”

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