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Vision Media selects EZDRM

August 10, 2022

Vision Media, a specialist in digital and physical marketing and fulfillment services, has selected EZDRM to help add an additional level of workflow integration to their leading secure screening platform. Vision Media is working with EZDRM to integrate their award-winning Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS) offerings in a seamless content workflow, further reinforcing screener security at the center of their digital offering.  This partnership underlines the compatibility of the respective solutions from EZDRM and Vision Media; the dynamic encryption, reliable streaming and security against unauthorized viewing offers full peace of mind to content owners and viewers alike.

“We are thrilled to be working with Vision Media to help further protect the workflow within their highly secure screening solution,” says Olga Kornienko, founder and COO of EZDRM. “We understand that the media and entertainment industry demands top-notch security, and our comprehensive approach to DRM implementation matched with Vision Media’s deep commitment to best-in-class security standards means content owners can feel safer than ever with securely sharing their video content.”

While the recent years of the pandemic introduced notable challenges for most of the media and entertainment industry, Vision Media’s streaming solution was highly sought out due to its flexibility, unmatched security features, and ability to offer high-end viewing experience across all leading viewing applications. As part of this year’s commitment to further growing their security feature set, Vision Media sought out EZDRM as a partner to upgrade their integrated DRM workflow and reduce the need for additional integration. Vision Media’s deep commitment to providing the safe distribution and storage of digital content has continued to make it a first choice for entertainment leaders.

Vision Media’s cutting-edge digital solutions (Screener Passport, VMX Stream and VMX Awards) empower content owners to offer high-end viewing experiences across all major viewing platforms without interruption. The DRM-secured streams are available with full platform flexibility, allowing viewers to screen on the device of their choice, including desktop browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku. Viewers will also benefit from being able to connect and view their content anytime and anywhere. Adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology, which adjusts a stream’s quality automatically according to the existing Internet speed, makes for a seamless viewing experience from any platform.

Thanks to the thoughtful partnership with EZDRM, Vision Media is able to further enhance its key security technology stack, offering one-stop-viewing on any device, from any country in the world. Studios and content owners can send their screeners at scale – whether to a VIP circle of early-access viewers or an entire guild audience for awards review. With session-based watermarking, DRM and protected viewing windows available for all screeners, the platform allows studios and content owners to individualize and ensure their unique security needs.

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