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Foxxum announces Foxxum OS 4

August 11, 2022

Foxxum, a specialist in Smart TV solutions, has announced the upcoming launch of Foxxum OS 4: A brand new CTV OS built on the RDK platform.

Foxxum announced this new initiative, declaring the new Foxxum OS 4 will seamlessly integrate streaming services and applications across all devices within a single OS, which aims to extend RDK’s success in the set top box and operator sectors into the CTV space.

Connected TVs operate on internal Operating Systems, which allow users to access streaming apps, gaming, system operation and more. While some CTV Manufacturers have their own proprietary operating systems, more than 100 million Connected TVs each year from more than 600 TV Brands, license operating systems from third party providers like Foxxum. Foxxum’s current operating system reaches more than 25 million connected TVs worldwide. The new Foxxum OS 4 built on RDK is designed provide even more robust service to TV manufacturing partners globally.

Foxxum launched its current CTV OS in 2021. Now via their new platform using RDK, Foxxum is elevating Foxxum OS 4 to meet the steeply rising demand of CTV streaming and the varied needs of streaming content on CTVs.

As Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO says, “A major complaint of CTV users around the world is friction in the discoverability of content and apps. The new Foxxum OS 4 CTV UI features extraordinary design, easy accessibility, and customizable recommendations for an outstanding viewing experience across CTVs.”

Foxxum’s use of RDK will give a major boost to the standardization of Linux based CTVs for premium OTT streaming services that have previously integrated with RDK in the past. As a result, Foxxum OS 4 is now set up to maximize platform revenues for OEM and TV Brands around the world, allowing them to control the user experience in real time. Perhaps most importantly, this new, high-end, independent CTV OS, offers smaller CTV OEMs and Brands a CTV OS from a partner who does not compete directly with them for selling devices to consumers.

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