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Tencent Cloud powers Mildom

August 15, 2022

Tencent Cloud – the cloud business of global technology company Tencent – has announced its all-round support for Japanese streaming service Mildom to enhance the service’s operational efficiency and elevate video streamers’ experience. Leveraging Tencent Cloud’s cutting-edge solutions, Mildom opens more doors to boost its competitiveness in the industry and provide its users with seamless online interaction – connecting streamers with enthusiasts around the world.

Through Tencent Cloud, Mildom is set to create a more engaging livestreaming experience. Tencent Cloud’s advanced artificial intelligence technology allows Mildom to let influencers create custom characters as virtual streamers that would best attract their audience. In addition, AI Transfy – Tencent Cloud’s real-time subtitling solution that transcribes and translates in a wide array of languages – helps streamers connect with enthusiasts globally via a personalised livestream presentation.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, commented: “Live streamers and influencers, as well as businesses and organisations globally are seeking to connect with their audience smoothly and efficiently in real time as part of their digitalisation journey. Tencent Cloud is pleased to support Mildom in helping users in Japan get the best livestreaming experience through our cutting-edge, highly reliable and high-performance technology, solidifying its spot on top of the competition. We look forward to seeing more streamers and netizens enjoy seamless online interactions, elevating the live video streaming industry as a whole.”

Hideaki Wakasa, Chief Product Officer, Mildom’s operating company Douyu Japan, added: “Mildom has created many communities out of various entertainment content such as games and chats. In view of this, we heavily rely on Tencent Cloud’s low-latency, stable, and high-quality service support. We look forward to using more of Tencent Cloud’s functions in the future to further improve our capacity to develop more community-friendly services.”

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