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OKAST and SECOM partner to launch Le Figaro

August 25, 2022

Building on their collaboration on thematic channels, OKAST and SECOM announced last May the creation of a European consortium, FAST4EU, to accelerate the development of FAST channels in Europe and internationally.

OKAST and SECOM have convinced Le Figaro of the opportunity represented by the FAST TV format (free advertised video streaming distribution) and of the relevance of a technological and content approach adapted to the European market.

Already present on Le Figaro’s website, on its YouTube channel and on Facebook, Twitch and Molotov, Figaro Live, Le Figaro’s video offer, has a catalogue and a know-how in the video sector. OKAST and its modular cloud-based playout, transcoding, and ad insertion solution appeared to be the ideal solution for a renowned media player like Le Figaro.

OKAST Channels was designed to adapt and complement any existing broadcast or OTT deployment, offering a complete suite of tools and an optimized ad monetisation brick with inventory sharing.

OKAST Channels allowed Figaro and SECOM to easily create, launch, distribute and monetize this FAST channel, in a few weeks.

The 5 hours of live broadcasting per day and the more than 30 daily VODs produced by Figaro Live will thus be able to reach new audiences.

This partnership of the FAST4EU consortium with Le Figaro is a first step in the ambitious development strategy of the European FAST market.

OKAST will strengthen its portfolio of channels to offer local audiences in each market content that resonates with their values and culture, thus highlighting the wide range of European programmes available.

Bertrand GIÉ, Director of the Figaro News Division, said: “Le Figaro was already a pioneer in video news on the Web, a format that also allows it to showcase the journalistic excellence of its editorial staff. By becoming the first French news site to offer FAST TV, it confirms that innovation is more than ever at the heart of its strategy to offer the widest possible audience for all its content.”

Bruno Lecluse, President of SECOM Group, said: “With the launch of new audiovisual offers in FAST, SECOM continues its development in channel publishing and in the production of thematic content. The strategic partnership between OKAST, SECOM and the FIGARO Group has allowed us to develop innovative technical and editorial solutions to facilitate the launch and deployment of the Le Figaro Live channel in FAST on key market platforms, thus providing viewers with a new offer of quality news content.”

Cédric Monnier, CEO of OKAST, said: “With the launch of Le Figaro Live channel, our vision of a FAST channel offering driven by European media and content providers, takes another key step forward. We are delighted that our OKAST Channels solution has empowered Le Figaro Group to embrace the FAST revolution while ensuring transparent, fair and flexible revenue streams.”

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