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The Breakdown Season 2 exclusively on WaterBear

August 26, 2022

WaterBear, a free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet, is launching season two of The Breakdown executive produced, directed and narrated by leading British activist, filmmaker and co-founder of Earthrise Studio, Jack Harries. Co-produced by WaterBear and storytelling platform, Earthrise Studio, the four-part short-form series will be available to stream exclusively on WaterBear.

Each episode of The Breakdown will delve into key issues surrounding the climate crisis today. From capitalism, eco-anxiety and questioning the latest buzzword ‘sustainability’. The series equips viewers with the right tools and information to bring climate activism into their everyday life.

The series features an array of renowned guest contributors including; Author and Journalist George Monbiot, environmental lawyer and activist Farhana Yamin, Founder of the Transition Movement, Rob Hopkins, and Climate Psychology Researcher Caroline Hickman.

Throughout this four-part series, WaterBear and Earthrise aim to educate and equip viewers with the knowledge they need to feel empowered in understanding the climate crisis. By providing valuable information from experts around the globe, broken down in a clear and digestible way, viewers are now able to spark discussions on these topics within their communities, furthering climate action.

“Information around the climate crisis can be overwhelming, our hope is that presenting these issues in four short films will make it accessible and educational for all viewers,” said Jack Harries. “Partnering with WaterBear on the second season provides us with another opportunity to equip  viewers with a greater understanding and knowledge of some of the key issues surrounding the climate crisis.”

Poppy Mason Watts, Chief Growth & Impact Officer at WaterBear, said: “The effects of climate change are all around us, impacting younger generations to come. WaterBear champions young filmmakers and activists working on the front line to drive awareness of these issues. Co-producing The Breakdown with Jack and Earthrise has enabled us to spotlight some of the climate issues in an actionable and tangible way and we’re looking forward to bringing this second season to our audiences around the world.”

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