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Teravolt launches TVXRAY

August 31, 2022

TeraVolt, a solution provider for digital media products, is launching its TVXRAY solution for Android TV. Viewers are now able to access all kinds of data on live sporting events in real time. Thus, this solution is available for all owners of corresponding Android TV devices. Earlier this year, Vodafone was the first customer to integrate TVXRAY into its Giga TVs and Vodafone TV boxes. Following the availability of the product on mobile, on the web and on set-top boxes, TeraVolt is now expanding its portfolio to include smart TVs.

At the core of TVXRAY lies the ability to personalize live sports directly on the TV and to render the second screen obsolete. Specifically, viewers can access a wide range of data and statistics on games and competitions in real time. They are able to watch highlight scenes at any time while still enjoying the live experience via a timeline and clip list. And they receive personalized live video alerts directly on the TV, from other concurrent matches they are interested in. The TVXRAY Android TV client transparently overlays the TV stream so that, in addition to the desired additional information such as real-time statistics, interim results or program notes, the main program is also visible at all times.

“With TVXRAY, we are challenging the second screen. Many viewers use their smartphones, especially for live sports, to view statistics while watching the action or to follow other events at the same time,” says Tobias Fröhlich, Chief Product Officer at TeraVolt. “But we know that there is a need for the ‘Biggest Screen Possible’, meaning that people would prefer to access everything in a centralized way on their TV. That’s exactly what we offer them with TVXRAY without losing interactivity or personalization.”

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