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VIVE Mars CamTrack integrates Aximmetry software

August 31, 2022

HTC VIVE’s Mars CamTrack is partnering with Aximmetry to make live broadcast easier than ever before, combining VIVE’s hardware and Aximmetry’s software to create an outstanding package for virtual production.

VIVE Mars CamTrack is a turnkey virtual production product consolidating the entire multi-camera tracking workflow into a compact, plug-and-play module with professional-grade features. Recently VIVE Mars CamTrack added direct support for the FreeD protocol, in addition to Unreal Engine’s Live Link.

Aximmetry is an industry leader in democratizing real-time graphics rendering  for broadcast and entertainment, with easy-to-use features which deliver outstanding results, including an industry standard Chroma Keyer and Unreal Engine integration. Aximmetry’s advanced software acts as a “studio glue” in virtual productions providing high level of interactivity and real-time control even in complicated scenes.

“VIVE Mars Camtrack is excited to join forces with Aximmetry as we continue to push the boundaries of virtual production,” said Raymond Pao, SVP Business Solutions at HTC VIVE. “Virtual production has never been easier, with Aximmetry’s simple-to-use but feature-rich software, and VIVE Mars Camtrack combining to deliver a compact and powerful experience. The era of advanced production being limited to those with big budgets is over, now a virtual production setup can fit into a backpack and deliver professional-grade results.”

“We are thrilled that we can truly fulfill Aximmetry’s pledge to make virtual production accessible to everybody regardless of the size of their budget by joining the ranks with VIVE Mars CamTrack. It is very exciting that such a widely popular VR platform as HTC VIVE has committed to becoming a serious player in the broadcast market. The time has come to offer the means for the entire virtual production workflow in one affordable package to all. Aximmetry is very proud to be part of this venture.” said Zsolt Peter, Aximmetry CEO.

VIVE Mars CamTrack greatly simplifies virtual production setup, thus reducing overall production time and expense. By leveraging sub-millimetre precision lighthouse tracking technology, VIVE Mars CamTrack shrinks a complicated workflow into a compact box, delivering a simple, accurate camera-tracking solution.

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