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VlogBox launches Kids Room TV

August 31, 2022

VlogBox, a CTV channel development, content distribution, and monetisation platform, has unveiled a new channel – Kids Room TV – to help creators expand their audiences while offering kids access to engaging and entertaining animation in one place.

VlogBox is primarily known for its hassle-free branded CTV channel development. Inspired by the growing number of emerging talented creators, VlogBox adresses their need to kick off their brand recognition and presence on streaming platforms. Kids Room TV is currently available on Roku, and will go live on Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV in a month. VlogBox is also working on ensuring app availability on top streaming services.

The Kids Room TV audience of pre-school and early school cohorts will be taken in by the wide array of content formats and subjects offered on the channel – including engaging stories and heroes that provide admirable role models that both inspire and teach. There are also educational cartoons and quizzes to help children expand their knowledge of the world, and physical education workouts that the whole family can enjoy together.

The channel’s content is also focused on core subjects that children of all ages will find important at school, such as the English language, mathematics, literature, geography, history, science, and other scholastic topics. Children will be able to learn and have fun in a thousand different ways, in both audio and visual formats.

“Many bright animations are left unnoticed, hidden, almost invisible in a world of constant competition. We believe that Kids Room TV has the potential to be a game-changer for these smaller video creators, and together, we will bring an immersive, engaging, and most of all entertaining learning experience for children and their families,” said Tetyana Seredyuk, PhD, VlogBox’s Сo-founder and CSO.

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