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Bouygues Telecom selects StreamProbe

September 7, 2022

TestTree, major provider of 24/7 Video QoS & QoE Monitoring solutions, has announced that Bouygues Telecom, a full-service electronic communications operator in France, has selected it’s StreamProbe IPTV product for supervision of all the Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) live video flows.

DAI for linear TV Services is possible in France since summer 2020, after the audiovisual legislation has authorized TV Channels to offer advertising messages which are better adapted to the broadcast areas and viewers. One of the key technical enablers for DAI, aside the Segmentation & Ad Server decisioning mechanisms, consists in the SCTE-35 triggers carried within the video streams, which mark the ad slots and serve as reference & command for the actual Ad Insertion stages.

StreamProbe IPTV provides 24/7 supervision of all type of SCTE-35 triggers, with alarming capabilities for issue detection as soon as it arrives allowing to engage immediate corrective actions; as well as history logging for overall trends analysis and identification of maintenance improvements preventing issues to become too serious and reach the end-user experienced services.

Drill down issue investigation & root cause identification is also possible thanks to a very comprehensive web GUI rendering of the detected ad breaks & slots. StreamProbe goes down to the extraction of the actual video frames around the ad insertion reference points and performs automatic detection of wrong insertion reference frames (IDR frames, frames in the middle of a jingle or program content), saving a lot of time for the operational who no longer need to perform a visual verification of the frames for each ad slot.

“It was essential for Bouygues Telecom to have a reliable solution for all SCTE-35 quality check: a flexible solution also capable to adapt to the dedicated DAI implementation guidelines in France”, said Joël DENEUX, head of Service Support Department at Bouygues Telecom.

“At TestTree, we thrive at developing new functionalities which accompany our Customers’ Service diversification & growth. The SCTE-35 monitoring capability allows Linear TV Providers to deploy in all serenity their DAI Services. In that sense, StreamProbe roadmap foresees important evolutions for SCTE-104 (for uncompressed video flows) and OTT wise SCTE-35 support, for an ultimate objective of triggers consistency correlation and automatic root cause identification.” said Carmen Kerloc’h, TestTree Product Manager.

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