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Survey: Low satisfaction with IPTV / OTT platform setups

September 7, 2022

Green Streams, the IPTV and OTT platform, has published its 2022 industry survey for which TV experts, senior managers and C-level executives at European network operators were surveyed over three months earlier this year.

The Network Operator TV & Entertainment Report shows that the strategic importance of strong TV and Entertainment products for network operators and their continued success is extremely high. At the same time, the report shows that the satisfaction of senior managers and top level executives with their existing IPTV and OTT platforms is extremely low.

This is somewat alarming since network operators rely heavily on their TV and Entertainment products to win new customers, increase ARPU and keep churn down by bundling TV services with broadband and other products, notes Green Streams.

“Network operators are clearly still in a prime position to provide their end customers with state-of-the-art TV & Entertainment products as key elements of their high quality and high margin bundles,” said Gernot Jaeger, Green Streams Co-Founder and CEO. “Yet, they will need to get prepared for a world where TV consumption goes streaming and where new services and features need to be rolled out much faster across a large number of devices.”

Many operators currently fail to deliver on this goal. According to the study, “Long time to market for new services and features” is a main concern for a large number of the participants as is the excessive complexity of their IPTV/OTT platform setups in place.

Consequently, a vast majority of the TV experts and executives at the operators would not recommend their current technical IPTV / OTT setup or platform to colleagues at other network operators. The NPS type question for the technical setups and platforms that Europe’s network operators have in place is thus very low: The NPS result is -19.

Yet, the pressure on operators keeps going up: Never in history have there been such high customer expectations and such short innovation cycles. New devices, new features and new security levels come up every few months. And consumers compare their TV service to the standards set by global OTT powerhouses like Netflix and Prime Video.

“As a result, operators will have to find ways to improve innovation, time to market as well as usability and monetisation while reducing complexity and cost,” says Green Streams CEO Gernot Jaeger. “This is quite a challenge but also an opportunity for those who make the right product and platform decisions.”

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