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Survey: 48% NFL fans likely to subscribe to Sunday Ticket

September 9, 2022

As the live sports streaming war heats up, NFL Sunday Ticket is up for grabs in the US as it is poised to leave DirecTV. Major players like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ are expected to be the front-runners for the package, reports The Streamable.

While DirecTV struggled to turn Sunday Ticket into a major revenue generator, a switch to a more widely accessible platform could attract enough subscribers to make these major bids worthwhile.

The Streamable surveyed 2,562 fans who regularly watch the NFL to better understand if a switch to streaming would produce a significant increase in Sunday Ticket subscribers and what price fans are willing to pay for this add-on.

Key Findings

Sunday Ticket’s subscriber base could grow significantly – almost half (48 per cent) of NFL fans definitely will or are likely to subscribe to Sunday Ticket when offered by a major streaming provider.

Sunday Ticket’s winning bidder stands to pick up a huge number of first-time subscribers – more than 40 per cent of those that never subscribed before say they definitely will or are likely to subscribe.

● Increased accessibility via a streaming service may not be enough though, it will have to be cheaper as well – only 26 per cent of fans willing to pay up to the current $300 base price

● A base price offer of $150 – $200 could increase potential subscribers by 1.67x – 1.94x in comparison to the current $300 base price

● In comparison to fans of in-market teams, fans of out-of-market teams are:
○ 66 per cent more likely to be currently subscribed
○ 191 per cent more likely to state they definitely will subscribe
○ 48 per cent more likely to subscribe overall
○ 195 per cent more willing to pay the current price of Sunday Ticket

Note: If contractual obligations prevent a lower price, the winning service will need to offer incentives to reduce the effective cost and attract more customers (free subscriptions, brand products, gift cards, etc.)

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