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SKY Perfect JSAT installed Satmotion from Integrasys

September 14, 2022

SKY Perfect JSAT, the Asian satellite operator with a fleet of 16 satellites, and Japan’s only provider of multi-channel pay-TV broadcasting, has used Satmotion, the auto commissioning tool developed by INTEGRASYS, to succeed in CPI (Cross Polarization Isolation) tests for VSAT network of JSAT’s customer in Indonesia.

SKY Perfect JSAT has decided to utilise Satmotion tool in order to ensure that the customer can use its satellite network correctly, in a more optimised way, and complying with the SLAs (Service Level Agreement). For the Satellite Operator, the greatest advantage of using Satmotion is the reduced workload for operators and their customer.


Satmotion is able to simplify the LineUp process as much as possible ensuring the quality and the interference-free on each transmission by measuring Copol, Xpol and feeding back to the customer with an extremely easy interface that they can understand without being experts in Satellite communications. INTEGRASYS has worked with the Technical team to adapt the innovative tool to its particular needs.

‘’By using Satmotion, it is possible to perform CPI test by our customer alone. Usually, CPI test is conducted through direct communication with operators by phone or chat. For customers who own many VSAT, CPI test is performed frequently. And if operators are busy, they may keep customers waiting. Therefore, by using Satmotion, the customer conducts CPI test themselves, which allows the

customer to test at any time they want and reduces our operator’s workload.’’ said Tomoaki Fujihara, Network Operations Division, SKY Perfect JSAT.

‘’Having Customers like SKY Perfect JSAT in Asia, is a pleasure for us, as we have been able to improve Satmotion, as well as learning more about the APAC region needs, and the great capabilities that our tool can provide the end user with. Working with SKY Perfect JSAT, has been a continuous learning for us. Even though Satmotion was created to serve the Broadcast industry, we have been able to adapt the tool to make accurate CPI tests without depending on any particular platform. The experience of contributing to this project has added an additional value not only to our tool, but also to our Technical team, which has been involved and has been able to make the most out of our product’’, said Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, INTEGRASYS.

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