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Switzerland: Ad deal for time-shift TV

September 14, 2022

TV broadcasters and TV channels have reached an agreement enabling them to continue offering time-shifted television (replay TV) in its current form in Switzerland in the future.

This allows the channels to use new advertising formats to compensate for the revenue lost if commercials are skipped when viewing replay TV. Sunrise is implementing this agreement within its new offers from October 4th onwards.

When using replay TV, replay commercials will be shown in the following forms:

  • Start ads: a short ad (approx. 7–10 seconds) shown at the start of the TV program in replay TV mode
  • Fast-forward ads: ads (maximum 3.5 minutes) shown if the commercial break originally in the programme is fast-forwarded in replay TV mode
  • Pause ads: picture-in-picture ads shown if the pause button is pressed during live or replay TV and that disappear when the programme is resumed

Once replay TV mode has been ended, the replay advertising will also end.

Sunrise says that TV customers who do not want to watch replay commercials on the participating channels can subscribe to the Skip Ads option (CHF 7.90/month on a monthly basis). In this case, replay commercials will not be shown and customers will be able to use an additional function to skip the original commercials with one click. yallo TV customers can also benefit from the same convenience by subscribing to the TV Comfort option (at a cost of CHF 7.95/month).

The participating channels are: 3+ / 4+ /5+ /6+ / 7+ Family / NICK Schweiz / kabel eins / NITRO / ProSieben / ProSieben MAXX / Puls 8 / RTL / RTLZWEI / S1 / SAT.1 / SAT.1 GOLD / SIXX / TV24 / TV25 / VOX.

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