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AAPA launches AV piracy E-training modules in Portuguese

September 21, 2022

By Colin Mann

The AAPA-sponsored e-training modules on audiovisual Internet piracy make training on identifying and investigating the two prevalent forms of audiovisual piracy – card sharing and illegal streaming – available to law enforcement worldwide. Law enforcement officers from a wide range of countries have taken the courses. Recognising the value of the courses the modules are now available in Portuguese, as well as English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin.

“The availability of the AAPA e-training modules in Portuguese reflects the fact that Portuguese is spoken by over 275 million people and is the official language in nine territories throughout the world,” stated Sheila Cassells, Executive Vice President of AAPA. “These modules are available free of charge to law enforcement agents registered with IIPCIC. We will work with our global allies to encourage law enforcement to take these courses. The modules demonstrate also AAPA’s commitment to training as a key element of effective enforcement and we will continue to support INTERPOL, Europol, Eurojust and the EUIPO in this area.”

“This AAPA initiative is another important contribution in the fight against copyright violations in the digital environment,” added Luis Silveira Botelho, General Inspector of IGAC – Inspeção Geral das Atividades Culturais, (Portugal). “We take good note of this tool to face the very negative effects that audiovisual piracy brings to society”

“This is an excellent initiative for training on audiovisual Internet piracy for enforcement officers,” declared Eduardo Carneiro, Head of Antipiracy at Brazil Film Agency ANCINE). “When training is provided for officers to identify the illegal activity and how to proceed with the production of evidence and criminal prosecution, we guarantee an increase in the protection of intellectual property.”

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