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Pirate TV channels proliferate in southern Spain

September 22, 2022

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Illegal DTT channels are proliferating in Andalusia, a Spanish region in the south of country, with 55 stations broadcasting prohibited content.

The Andalusian Audiovisual Council (CAA) has warned of the danger of these television services that, besides the unfair competition to the 65 legal TV channels, broadcast content breaking TV legislation.

The CAA notes that these channels are broadcasting “without a licence” prohibited content such as pornography, violent content and unpermitted advertising and promotions.

Some 14 illegal DTT multiplexes have been detected being occupied by 77 channels; out of them 22 have no content while 55 transmit – with 27 of them airing inappropriate content.

The provinces with the most pirate TV channels are Málaga and Fuengirola (18), Seville (15), Almeria (12), Granada (11) and Cordoba (8). Spain’s TV law states that TV channels without a valid TV licence may be fined up to €1.5 million, but the lack of control of the DTT licences from the Administration is boosting the number of pirate TV channels.

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