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Promptlink releases fully automated network noise and impairment localisation solution

September 22, 2022

Promptlink Communications, a provider of software applications for the management and testing of broadband networks and equipment, has announced the release of the enhanced, automated version of their AI-based Network noise and impairment localisation software tool, NoiseHawkAI.

The original Network NoiseHawk brought Cable Network Operators a long-awaited way to localise the source of noise in their networks. This new enhancement to Network NoiseHawk eliminates the manual analysis step used in detecting, diagnosing, and locating HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) network noise. The completely revised software solution will provide prepackaged, mobile device-based reports to be used to localise and troubleshoot impairments, ingress or other noise due to various nonlinear distortions in the cable network. These Noise and Impairment Localisation (NAIL) reports direct network technicians to specific network components, or network segments where network noise originates and impacts customers. Utilising advanced patented data science techniques, NoiseHawkAI accurately pinpoints network noise and geographically displays points of interest to technicians and dispatchers, allowing for quick correction of noise and impairment issues with no human analysis required. The fully automated AI-based solution removes the diagnostic step from the process, freeing up cable operator resources to attack other network issues.

Utilising a Data Collection Engine that focuses on detecting impaired Upstream Channels, and an AI-based Data Analysis Engine that continuously learns from technician feedback while troubleshooting Noise sources, NoiseHawkAI’ s NAIL reports provide direction to technicians, and constantly feed data collected from technicians and network data before and after work is performed, into the Data Analysis Engine for greater precision. The simplified process saves time, money, and precious resources. This product eases the burden on network operators and gives customers a better internet experience.

“Promptlink has taken all feedback from our Network NoiseHawk customers and completely changed the software infrastructure, incorporating the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques into a fully automated solution for our MSO and SSO customers.” said Dr. Foad Towfiq, President and CEO of Promptlink Communications. “NoiseHawkAI not only pinpoints Network noise and impairments even more effectively than the original NoiseHawk, but it takes the burden of analysis completely out of users hands.”

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