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TV5MONDE, Roku partner to distribute TV5MONDEplus

September 22, 2022

TV5MONDE, the global French language entertainment network, has signed a new distribution partnership to bring its premium streaming service TV5MONDEplus to Roku users spanning several territories.

With TV5MONDEplus, viewers can enjoy a variety of different programming including hundreds of classic, recent and never-before-seen French language films, latest series and TV dramas, premium documentaries, cultural and lifestyle programmes. This includes:

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat, l’Afrique au coeur (Documentary, France, 2021) – October 1986. Abidjan welcomes Jean-Michel Basquiat for his first African exhibition. A decisive, long dreamed-of encounter with the continent, but his audacious style disconcerts. Crowned in glory, the American artist died young in 1988, but opened a route to emancipation for a generation of African artists claiming a direct filiation.

  • Rouge (Film, France/Belgium, 2020; Cannes Film Festival nominee) – Taken on as nurse at the chemical factory where her father works, Nour discovers that this pillar of the local economy hides innumerable secrets. From lies about toxic effluent to doctored medical files and covered-up accidents: will Nour choose to keep silent or betray her father and reveal the truth?

  • Wara (Mini-series, France/Senegal/Niger, 2020) – After years of exile, Moutari Wara is allowed to return to his home country but on one condition: that he doesn’t get involved in politics. But when the municipal elections are organised early, Aïcha, one of his law students, pushes him to get involved personally against corruption and cronyism.

  • Wilder (Drama series, Switzerland, 2021) – The investigations of Rosa Wilder, a police inspector from Berne. Now back in her small home town in the Swiss Alps, she faces a succession of particularly dark crimes. The series weaves close ties between the setting, the investigations and Rosa Wilder’s private life.

  • Lâcher prise (Comedy series, Canada, 2017-2020) – Valerie is a superwoman who seems to control everything. However, an incident will turn her world upside down and force her to bring order into her life!

“With TV5MONDE available in more than 200 countries around the world, we are pleased to expand the availability of TV5MONDEplus as we continue to seek additional opportunities to grow our streaming audience,” said TV5MONDE President and CEO Yves Bigot. “Roku, as one of the world’s top streaming platforms that is growing internationally, is an ideal partner for this expansion.”

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