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Teads expands into connected TV media in the US

September 23, 2022

Teads, the global end-to-end platform, has announced the next step in its evolution, adding connected TV to its suite of media to expand audience reach and better deliver business outcomes  for brands. Known for its inRead video and display formats, Teads’ addition of CTV gives advertisers and their  agencies the ability to seamlessly buy a new array of high-attention, quality media to deliver and quantify better  business outcomes. After running a successful one year beta programme, Teads is adding CTV as the latest channel in Teads’ mission to future proof partner success by enabling quality at scale and building an optimal ad experience for brands and consumers.

With new access to high quality environments across every screen, Teads’ CTV expansion aligns closely with the  platform’s legacy of creating ad experiences that are high-value for brands and publishers while respecting the end  consumer. Unique to Teads’ new CTV offering, brands will have access to creative optimisation, driving action with  the use of interactivity, omnichannel frequency capping and remarketing, as well as omnichannel attention  measurement. The CTV offering mirrors Teads’ current solutions, guaranteeing a curated marketplace of premium  content for brands to advertise within, and ensuring immersive ad experiences that are relevant for consumers.

By adding TV inventory to the mix, brands are now able to buy across TV, mobile and desktop through the Teads  platform, fully leveraging access to nearly 2 billion monthly unique users. Teads tapped into their existing premium  publisher relationships, like Scripps, to unlock access to cross-screen audiences for brands. Tom Sly, vice president  of programmatic revenue for The E.W. Scripps Company said: “We have found great value in our collaboration with  Teads on its expanded omnichannel offering to provide advertisers with unique reach for Scripps’ premium CTV  audiences. Our Teads CTV relationship has resulted in impressive revenue growth, and we’re enthused about what  the future of this partnership offers.”

This access to premium, brand safe media allows brands to reach consumers throughout the customer journey at  different moments of the day for more contextualised targeting, as well as strengthening advertisers’ capabilities at  the top of the marketing funnel through the Teads platform. Teads is initially launching its CTV solution in the US  with additional territories to begin rolling out later this year.

During its beta run, Teads successfully partnered with brands across every major category and saw positive outcomes  across the funnel, from garnering high attention to brand awareness, purchase intent and tune-in conversion.  Mediahub US CEO, Sean Corcoran said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Teads on an expanded cross-screen campaign  that leverages the importance and value of CTV. We saw positive results in a recent campaign leveraging Teads’ new  omnichannel offering yielding high attention and a favorable lift in viewership for a leading entertainment client.”

Teads’ CTV offering debuts on the heels of its recently launched Teads Attention Programme, which advances  omnichannel attention measurement for brands, and also complements Teads Studio, its creative arm to help brands  resonate with ideal audiences. Teads Studio’s team of designers and creative strategists are able to enhance and  reimagine existing assets in order to drive better outcomes across all of Teads’ high-attention, premium inventory – now across digital and TV.

Jeremy Arditi, co-CEO, Teads, said: “For Teads, CTV was a natural extension of our media suite as we look to innovate  and continue to offer new advertising solutions for our clients that are focused on quality, immersive experiences  that drive attention, and ultimately business outcomes. We are really excited to work with a new host of publisher  partners and connect them with our outstanding, existing base of advertisers and their agencies.”

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