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Arab Telemedia Group orders Talal Street series

September 25, 2022

Arab Telemedia Group has commenced filming the contemporary social series Talal Street across multiple locations inside Jordan, as part of the Group’s production plan for the year 2021 – 2022 that promises a distinct content for the audience.

Talal Street demonstrates aspects of life in the city of Amman in the early 50’s when His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal assumed his constitutional powers, tracking the Social and urban progress of its environment and residents through a story that takes place in Ras Al-Ain, Talal Street to be exact. The title’s main plot revolves around the social alterations that cover the thrilling and exciting lives of Ras Al-Ain’s residents and the merchants of Talal Street in that time.

Amman’s Cultural identity emerges through the stories of several families of different races and nationalities, Amman with all its progress and prosperity is the result of development, struggle and ambition, which we will witness as the story evolves and lasts till 1999 with death of his Majesty King Hussein.

A selection of Jordanian and Arab actors will be joining the cast, including Maher Khammash, Amal Dabbas, Qamar El Safadi, Dana Jabr, Khaled Al-Tareefi, Nadira Omran, Mustafa Abu Hanoud, Reem Saadeh, Habis Huseen, Luna Bishara, Nabil Koni, Diana Rahme, Mohammad Al Ibrahimy, Najwa Kandakji, Ali Elayyan, Ameera Sameer, Nariman Abdel Karim, Lina Abu Rezeq, in addition to many fresh Jordanian and Arab Talents.

The series will be filmed in various Jordanian cities and regions, and it’ll be brought to the audience in 9 seasons, 10 episodes each in order to fit the modern viewing habits, whether on digital platforms or the traditional TV.

Talal Street is written by the Jordanian Writer Mustafa Saleh who is best known for his outstanding and exceptionally written TV shows such as: Nimer bin Adwan, Alia’s Eyes, The Stranger’s Promise, Scent of Fire and all of the renowned seasons of Ghlais’s Head all of which are produced by Arab Telemedia Group throughout the years. The script was created by a content research and development team under the direct supervision of producer Talal Al-Awamleh.

Talal Street is considered to be one of the biggest projects among the package of works currently being implemented, the group commenced the filming of the series in sync with the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Jordan, which is a national event with a great impact on the sentiment of Jordanians, summarizing a tale of a country built with the will and determination of the Hashemite Leadership and the Jordanian people, Talal Street highlights the stages of origination, development, construction and prosperity which were achieved through hard effort and struggle.

Directing the series is the Doctor Mohammad Zuhair Rajab highlighted that Talal Street will be huge from the producing aspect, with the specialized crew equipped with the best and latest equipment provided by the group.

Arab Telemedia Group’s CEO, The Producer Talal Al Awamleh emphasized on the importance of the series saying “it reflects an essential era in the history of Amman and Jordan as a whole, as Amman was a safe place for Jordanians and Arabs for decades, it was also an example of openness to other cultures that reflected the lives of the people living there. All this makes it essential to create a story that is worthy of Jordan’s capital, Amman.

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