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Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4 on National Geographic

September 27, 2022

Witness the secrets of ancient Egypt being unlocked in the fourth instalment of National Geographic’s immersive documentary series, Lost Treasures of Egypt, as ground-breaking new discoveries lift the lid on this intriguing ancient civilisation across eight brand new episodes airing from October 2nd. The new season will air globally across 172 countries and in 43 languages.

Join National Geographic’s cameras as they follow teams across Egypt on the front line of archaeology, through a full season of excavations. Crawling beneath pyramids, uncovering long lost tombs and unearthing 3000-year-old mummies, the world’s top archaeologists race to unlock the secrets of this ancient civilisation.

Using cutting-edge technology to bring the exciting digs and discoveries up close like never before, combined with personal testimonies from the archaeologists on the ground, viewers are thrust to the heart of the action, as they crawl beneath tombs to long-lost mummies and other incredible discoveries, of such importance that they have the capacity to re-write the history books.

The action includes Dr.Basem Gehad investigating and x-raying one of the best-preserved mummies from the age of Cleopatra where he tries to understand how Egyptian beliefs, in mummification and the afterlife evolved.

Gehad also travels to the ancient city of Philadelphia where he discovers a child buried with an incredibly rare mixture of Roman and Egyptian grave goods. These are delicate trinkets buried by a mother so she could find her child in the afterlife.

Elsewhere in the series viewers watch Dr. Matthew Adams, as he uncovers a vast ancient brewery dating from the age of the first kings of Egypt. This could be the world’s oldest mass-production brewery.

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