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Channel 4 launches new attribution platform

October 5, 2022

Channel 4 has announced a partnership with 4Sales and ViewersLogic to provide advertisers with a new way to measure TV effectiveness and understand how their TV spend impacts hard business metrics like sales, footfall, app downloads, account openings and more.

4Sales and ViewersLogic have worked together to develop a new industry standard platform which unlocks accurate results by measuring an individual consumer’s journey to purchase, rather than just the media they consume.

Data is collected using engaged TV viewers that are representative of the UK population, who are incentivised through a rewards programme to download ViewersLogic’s panel-based app. By passively gathering relevant data on their activities across linear TV, mobile and tablets, as well as geographical location and offline purchases, the app tracks the individual’s entire journey from viewing a TV ad to the actual purchase. This enables brands to determine the uplift in their KPIs that can be attributed to the TV campaign.

Channel 4 says its platform goes beyond reach and frequency measurement to understand the effect of the campaign on the metrics that the brand cares about, such as sales, app downloads and website visits. This disrupts the traditional attribution model that fuses data from different silos to find weak correlations between ad viewing and sales. Through opt-in single-source data gathered from individuals, it offers a fresh take on viewer attribution for cross-media campaign optimisation that enables marketers to understand for the first time how each channel contributed to KPIs and delivered ROI. ViewersLogic’s platform also allows brands to extend the attribution window to 1 week and beyond, revealing the true value of TV advertising and how it effects short-term sales as well as longer-term brand building. With this data, advertisers can benchmark their current campaign performance against previous campaigns, as well as understand how it compares to those of their competitors.

Ewan Douglas, Head of Sales (N&R) & Business Development at Channel 4, said: “We’re incredibly proud of what we have created with our partners at ViewersLogic, and we truly believe it will help transform how the market can attribute the success of a TV campaign. While the platform is exclusively available to Channel 4 advertisers, we hope in time we will be the first in a long line of adaptors of this technology which helps prove the continued power of TV advertising.”

Hassan Khan, VP Sales at ViewersLogic, added: “Existing cross-media measurement approaches using dubious maths and probability are woefully inaccurate and waste significant portions of invested advertising budgets. While they used to be state of the art, today, they are unfit for purpose and in any other industry this situation would not be tolerated. The ViewersLogic platform is disrupting the status quo with its next generation capabilities. Now, finally, marketers can close the loop on their cross-media measurement, planning and optimisation process to get an accurate understanding of the actual effectiveness of their TV campaigns and control ROI. Channel 4 understands the power of our platform in driving the future of linear TV advertising. We’re delighted to bring our insights to their advertisers.”

The ViewersLogic platform will initially be offered to selected clients and will be a key tool in 4Sales suite of solutions to enable advertisers to track the effectiveness of their TV campaigns. Other advertising solutions include the 4Sales’ Greenhouse Fund and PL4YBACK, a creative research tool.

The partnership with ViewersLogic covers Channel 4’s full linear channel portfolio as well as select UKTV and Discovery channels, of which 4Sales is the UK sales house.

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