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DoubleVerify launches DV Attention Lab

October 5, 2022

DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has announced the launch of the new DV Attention Lab to help advertisers optimise campaign performance using in-depth ‘attention data’ on ad engagement and ad exposure.

The newly-formed DV Attention Lab features a multidisciplinary team consisting of data scientists, product experts, and marketing analysts – leveraging an industry-leading technology platform and attention dataset. With a core group of more than 20 employees globally, the Lab will focus on providing advertisers with attention-based insights and recommendations on campaign performance, powered by DV Authentic Attention, and covering industry benchmark reports, best practice guides, illustrative case studies, and more.

“As advertisers grapple with economic uncertainty, the need to understand and maximise advertising performance is more important than ever,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Traditional KPIs such as viewability and clicks are not effective at identifying whether an ad is making an impact on the end viewer, and disruption from regulatory shifts to cookie deprecation is hindering how brands can use existing tools. With that in mind, we are confident that privacy-friendly attention metrics will become the industry’s new performance currency. We are excited to launch the DV Attention Lab to help advertisers navigate today’s digital landscape.”

Nick Reid, SVP & Managing Director, EMEA at DoubleVerify, added: “Today, an average person sees between 6,000 and 10,000 ads a day. Due to this over exposure and not always delivering truly relevant and personalised experiences to consumers, we have created a scarcity of attention when it comes to ads. It’s therefore never been more important for brands to take note by effectively measuring the impact of their campaigns. By harnessing the privacy-friendly, cookie-free insights from the DV Attention Lab, advertisers cannot only better measure the impact of their digital ads but also refine and improve them. Based on looking at attention metrics such as exposure and engagement – for instance, if a user were to scroll away or mute an ad before the product or brand logo appears – advertisers can make more informed decisions from enhancing creative assets to optimising placements.”

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