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CommScope launches HomeSight System

October 10, 2022

CommScope, a player in home networks, announced the launch of the HomeSight system, a new connected care system that enables innovative remote care services for healthcare and homecare markets.

The HomeSight system makes possible a wide array of connected homecare services by third party application providers, such as remote patient monitoring, video calling for consultations and social interaction, community connections, health education, in-home environmental monitoring and much more. HomeSight includes easy-to-use connected devices that help improve remote care delivery, reduce loneliness and isolation, and support longer independent living.

The HomeSight system leverages the TV in the home to seamlessly connect healthcare and family caregivers with patients and loved ones in real time, without the need for a scheduled appointment or the technological barriers of navigating a mobile device or laptop. The simplified end-user experience improves patient accessibility, engagement and adoption of care services, reducing the need for in-person appointments or visits.

The HomeSight system combines a TV-connected smart camera with edge compute, a comprehensive cloud service for data transfer and device management, environmental sensors, and an LTE connectivity module for homes without broadband access or for use as a back-up connection. Third party connected medical devices may be used with the system for patient monitoring. A set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is available for application providers to integrate applications and workflows to deliver innovative, reliable, and secure in-home patient services.

“We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to bring extraordinary value to the healthcare and homecare markets,” stated Joe Chow, Senior Vice President, Home Networks, CommScope. “We are leveraging our legacy and expertise in delivering innovation in devices, software, and services for the home to advance the quality of care through connected care solutions with the reliability and security that patients and care providers demand.”

CommScope also announced today that the first deployment of the HomeSight system is by Kraydel, a developer of homecare applications, to deliver Kraydel’s Konnect platform to healthcare and homecare service providers. Konnect is a remote monitoring platform that supports a user’s independence by utilising the existing TV together with the HomeSight hardware in the home for easy access to health and care services, while providing peace of mind to their family and friends.

Kraydel’s Konnect platform is the first application to leverage the HomeSight system, leading the way in advancing personalised home care services. CommScope is licensed to resell Konnect in select new markets.

Konnect uses the HomeSight system’s intelligent TV control to automate source-switching, eliminating the need to manually toggle between the TV input and Konnect. An easy-to-use remote control features five buttons that are designed to engage users intuitviely. An iOS and Android mobile app for care workers, family caregivers and friends, enables two-way video calls through the TV, as well as photo sharing, video uploads and text messaging. Konnect integrates with third party Bluetooth enabled devices for remote monitoring and reports health measurements and daily living activities in a custom dashboard to help administer health and care services.

“By deploying internet-based technologies via the TV, Konnect addresses issues around technology adoption amongst older adults,” commented Dr. Amer Fasihi, CEO, Kraydel. “With Konnect, we are offering a unique system to work through the user’s own TV that increases social connectivity, enables remote care and provides unobtrusive monitoring of the well-being of users. It’s designed to reduce social isolation and to enable people to live longer in their own homes, increasing quality of life. Our exciting relationship with CommScope brings the potential to rapidly deploy Konnect on a global scale, starting with the UK.”

Kraydel confirms that Konnect is currently deployed within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), including the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (staying well service), Great Western NHS Trust (therapies, Parkinson’s disease) and Central & North West London NHS Trust (mental health support).

“We are excited about the possibility to offer our patients a cost-effective solution that improves the quality of care they can receive at home,” said Nicky Tongue, Clinical and Care Director, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. “We have been working collaboratively with Kraydel since 2020 to feed into the design and development of the Konnect platform, to ensure it meets the needs of both patients and staff. We are very pleased with the early deployments of Konnect with our patients. Installation has been simple, patients are able to quickly learn the system and see the benefits of care in the comfort of their own home through unobtrusive, person-centered technology.”

The HomeSight system is ideal for use in primary healthcare, residential care, medical trials, and many other settings. CommScope is exploring additional partnerships with application and solution providers to utilise the HomeSight system to deliver solutions to healthcare and homecare environments. 

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