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Gracenote debuts Gracenote Studio Solutions

October 11, 2022

Gracenote, the content solutions pillar of Nielsen, has debuted Gracenote Studio Solutions, a portfolio of offerings designed to help Hollywood streamline content operations and optimise internal processes. The new product suite provides entertainment professionals focused on creative development, production, business affairs and legal with critical data accessible through powerful tools to inform smarter decision-making.

Gracenote Studio Solutions is anchored by Studio System, a resource for data and business intelligence trusted by a number of Hollywood film studios, television networks, talent agencies and production companies. Studio System enables subscribers to track producers, directors, writers, actors, agents and below-the-line talent and monitor film, TV and digital projects from planning through post-production.

The suite is rounded out by capabilities powered by Concept To Camera, an advanced solution used to manage scripts, contracts and talent and Curo, a visual effects (VFX) workflow suite that streamlines project pricing, planning and bidding. Concept To Camera and Curo come to Gracenote through the May 2022 strategic acquisition of their parent company, UST Global Media Services.

According to Studio System data, production deals have been increasing 30% year-over-year since 2019 resulting in the number of new original TV and film releases nearly doubling. With more deals being done leading to increased production activity, the industry is challenged to find efficiencies and optimise processes.

Gracenote Studio Solutions drives productivity and informed decision-making helping Hollywood to streamline the creation of outstanding entertainment content. Elements of the product suite will include:

  • Studio System: Tracks projects and companies across film, TV and streaming. Enables intuitive deal tracking, fast talent representative contact look-up and easy list building.

  • Studio System Creative: Manages script submissions and track projects from inception through release. Leverages powerful creative workflow tools pre-integrated with Studio System data.

  • Studio System Business: Organizes deals for projects and talent. Automatically generates deal requests, manages and tracks deal points and triggers payment notifications.

  • Studio System Production: Coordinates VFX production schedules, budgets and crewing. Informs creative and financial decisions helping to ensure projects remain on budget.

“With more competition than ever to bring both commercially and critically successful content to market, the entertainment community has a real need for solutions to help it optimize the way it works,” said Filiz Bahmanpour, VP of Product at Gracenote. “By providing the critical data and information as well as powerful tools to access it, Gracenote Studio Solutions empowers Hollywood to do what it does best – create the content that entertains, engages and inspires audiences everywhere.”

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