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QVC+ and HSN+ on Cox Contour and Contour Stream Player

October 13, 2022

 QVC and HSN have launched their interactive streaming shopping service on Cox Contour and Contour Stream Player as the first livestream shopping app on either platform. The QVC+ and HSN+ combined streaming experience offers Contour customers QVC and HSN’s most robust, comprehensive video commerce experience, with live, on-demand and streaming-only content together in one, easy-to-use, fully shoppable app. It is currently the only livestream shopping app on Contour that allows customers to complete purchases within the app, while combining multiple channels of live content with video on demand. Contour customers can sign into their QVC or HSN account to learn about their favorite products and complete purchases, all within the same experience. QVC and HSN are part of Qurate Retail.

The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience combines QVC’s and HSN’s five linear broadcast channels – QVC, QVC2, QVC3, HSN and HSN2, offering 50+ hours a day of live vCommerce content – with three digital-only linear channels and approximately 20 original, streaming-only shows, including programs like “Cooking With Curtis,” with Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone, “Total Look,” which shows shoppers how to style a single apparel piece in three different ways, and “QVC en Español,” a collection of QVC’s first-ever Spanish-language shows. QVC+ and HSN+ joins the expansive portfolio of streaming apps available on Cox Contour and Contour Stream Player experiences including Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max and Peacock.

“Our QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience offers Contour customers our most comprehensive video shopping experience, complete with live and on demand content, original programming and the ability to discover great finds and make purchases all in one place without ever leaving the app,” said David Apostolico, SVP, Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution, vCommerce Ventures at Qurate Retail GroupSM. “We look forward to bringing this unique experience to our existing QVC and HSN fans and welcoming new customers.”

Contour is Cox’s premier video product. One of the most popular Contour features is the voice remote, which allows customers to change channels, find shows, get recommendations, and launch apps by simply using voice commands. Contour customers can access the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience by saying “QVC+” or “HSN+” into their Contour voice remote or find it within the app section of either platform.

This launch reflects Qurate Retail Group’s strategic initiative to expand the reach of its original vCommerce experiences across new media and digital platforms. The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience is available to more than 100 million internet-connected homes across the US QVC has been the first livestream shopping channel on multiple streaming services. QVC and HSN reach more than 200 million homes globally via 14 linear TV channels, which are widely available on cable/satellite TV, free over-the-air TV, and digital livestreaming TV. QVC and HSN also reach millions of homes via websites, mobile apps and social pages.

The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience is part of vCommerce Ventures, a new business unit designed to accelerate Qurate Retail Group’s ownership of digital live streaming shopping, beyond QVC’s and HSN’s traditional multiplatform experiences.

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