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DTG launches Targeted Ad report and Test App Suite

October 14, 2022

The DTG tested 95 per cent of the UK receiver market for targeted ad performance, and the resulting report and free test app suite are now available.

In April 2021 the DTG established a cross-industry task group on Targeted Advertising with partners including Arqiva, Channel 4, Google, S&T and TP Vision.

Its mission was to evaluate the status of HbbTV implementations in currently deployed UK DTT devices for the substitution of broadcast ads with broadband-delivered targeted ads (also known as ‘addressable TV’); and to develop a simple HbbTV application for a demonstration.

The project identified the devices’ capabilities and if they fulfil quality metrics for broadcast ad replacement. This proof of concept enables UK broadcasters to make informed decisions about which tools and solutions to implement to reach maximum devices when substituting broadcast ads with targeted ads in IP-connected HbbTV devices.

This capability empowers broadcasters to increase their advertising revenues with an addressable TV proposition with the maximum reach and minimized development costs.

The tests were run across 100+ devices in the DTG Zoo, representing 95 per cent of receivers in UK homes and the results are contained in the project report. The brand-new test app suite is also available now.

The work has been recognised by the HbbTV Association and is a finalist in this year’s HbbTV Awards.

DTG Testing Associate Director, and project lead, Ranjeet Kaur, said: ““We know the TV landscape undergoes constant evolution (and sometimes revolution!) and it is dynamic, important work like this, with organisations that are leading the pack, that ensures we are guaranteeing excellent viewer experience throughout. The DTG occupies a unique position at the epicentre of digital TV and, together with our partners, we are defining the pathway to the future of television.”

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