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A1 Telekom Austria Group, Invitech expand fire network

October 18, 2022

The International Business Unit of A1 Telekom Austria Group and Invitech ICT Services (Hungary) installed the shortest and fastest fibre connection between Vienna and Budapest. The successful development was a joint network upgrade project of the two leading carrier service and ICT provider companies of the region. Two fully diverse routes had been implemented to guarantee the safest connectivity between the two capitals.

With this joint fibre connection, A1 Telekom Austria Group expands its already extensive fibre network in Europe. With PoPs in 47 countries, A1 Group is one of the largest providers. The additional connection includes interconnection of Ethernet, VPN, Wavelength and IPT services and allows not only to speed up but also to maximise the data traffic and thus to increase the presence in Europe. Now A1 and Invitech proudly can offer a high-capacity, own network service connection between Vienna and Budapest.

”Our award-winning services and products are based on our pan-European A1 Telekom Austria Group backbone, the infrastructure of our subsidiaries in seven countries in CEE, and various established partnerships with other telecommunications providers. Thus, a continuous expansion of our backbone is an absolute necessity. Only a top infrastructure leads to more services and results in the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers”, comments Judit Albers, Director International Business, A1 Telekom Austria Group.

With this project the International Business team of A1 Group extends the long-standing partnership with Invitech, a dominant integrated telco and IT provider partner on the Hungarian market. This new route ensures the shortest and most secure connection on this segment from the edge of Western Europe towards CEE.

“We are proud, that this new, high capacity, duct-based fiber network, Invitech can further improve the quality of the services provided to our customers and able to offer a unique solution for future transit needs in the region. I strongly believe that our long-term presence as trusted own network service provider on the Hungarian market, and the cooperation with A1 Telekom Austria Group make us primary option for regional needs and guarantees the highest customer experience”, said Albert Kis, Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure and Carrier Services, Invitech.

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