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Altice Portugal now live with Media Distillery

October 18, 2022

Media Distillery, a provider of AI technology to optimise video UX, has announced that Altice Portugal, a telecommunications service provider in Portugal, has gone live with EPG Correction Distillery to improve user experiences (UX) for subscribers to its MEO IPTV and OTT services.

The pioneering solution is now ensuring accurate start-times and end-times for 1.5 million subscribers across the most popular TV channels on MEO, the consumer TV service brand operated by Portugal’s largest operator of the same name, wholly owned by Altice Portugal.

With EPG Correction Distillery, viewers get a better user experience because EPG programme schedule information is accurate. Typically, a TV service begins playing linear broadcasts at the EPG-indicated start-time. However, shows often don’t begin exactly at the time stated in the EPG. Without correction, on replay, the viewer might be compelled to watch the end of the preceding show. Conversely, if the programme begins before the time shown in the EPG, subscribers might miss the beginning of their selected show. These scenarios adversely affect the user’s viewing enjoyment and can cause significant frustration.

EPG Correction Distillery uses AI to automatically analyse broadcasts, in real-time, across multiple channels and makes adjustments so that replay start-times coincide with actual start-times of TV programmes as they are broadcast. As a result, users can trust the schedule information in their EPG, leading to harmonious viewing and enhanced service enjoyment.

Altice is additionally leveraging AI-enabled time markers, part of multiple award-winning Media Distillery technology, to insert advertisements in the MEO replay environment, thereby improving both ad effectiveness and monetisation potential.

Time markers ensure that MEO can insert advertisements in a replay environment. As a result, the operator has the opportunity to benefit from a new revenue stream, meanwhile improving return on investment in content.

“Media Distillery’s innovations exemplify the future of video entertainment user experiences,” said José Pedro Nascimento, Director of Engineering and Operations at Altice Portugal. “Consumers’ expectations, and the range of video content they demand, increase every day: EPG Correction Distillery is enabling us to provide a seamless discovery, selection and enjoyment journey, which is absolutely fundamental for a superior UX, while helping us to monetise growing replay usage.”

“We’re very proud that Altice Portugal has chosen EPG Correction Distillery to provide its customers with enhanced viewing experiences,” said Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery. “Furthermore, in leveraging our solution’s time markers, Altice can commercially benefit from seamless ad insertion, which ensures smooth transitions between programming and dynamically inserted advertisements, leading to enhanced revenue potential. Altice is demonstrating its dedication to providing superior video services to consumers and we’re delighted to help Altice’s subscribers enjoy accurate EPGs and more harmonious UX.”

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