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Kacific offers GigStarter and Crossbow service

October 19, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Asia-Pacific satellite connectivity business Kacific says it is boosting investment to its more than 480 distributors and their clients. The new offering is Kacific’s GigStarter and Crossbow service.

Kacific says it has been successful in the retail market with its packaged Gigstarter plans, which cater to families, communities, and small businesses in under-served areas, and are sold through authorised distributors and resellers.

Singapore-based Kacific (but licensed by Vanuatu) is active in 25 Asia-Pacific markets.

“In response to market feedback from everyday users in the Asia Pacific region, Kacific is introducing new options and changes to the GigStarter plan, as well as investing in a streamlined, self-service portal,” says the company.

The newly launched Crossbow self-service portal is for all GigStarter service providers. It allows them to manage their terminal networks easily, creating a smoother customer experience for both Kacific customers and end-users.

Driven by spikes in demand for extra data by capped plan end-users, Kacific is introducing a range of top-up packs. These 10, 20, 30 and 50 GB top up packs will be available to all users of the GigStarter packaged service.

John Loke, CTO at Kacific, said, “Our objective in introducing our new Crossbow platform, GigStarter top up packs is to create a more seamless experience for our GigStarter product offering. By automating processes for our distributors and ISPs with a self-service user platform like Crossbow, and going down further down the retail value chain with more customizable product options and offerings for our end-users, we aim to increase the speed of digital adoption across the markets we operate in today.”

Kacific-1 is a shared satellite with Japan’s SkyPerfect/JSAT’s JCSAT-18 The company is planning and designing a second satellite.

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