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Pixellot launches original show hosted by Dell Curry

October 21, 2022

Pixellot, a provider of AI-Automated sports video and analytics solutions, is partnering with MAGNET, Team Whistle’s Social Content Agency, to launch their first ever original series, “My First Coach” on October 28th on Pixellot’s YouTube page, as well as across Whistle’s social channels. Hosted by Dell Curry, former NBA All-star and current broadcaster for the Charlotte Hornets, and father to two-time NBA MVP, Stephen Curry and Brooklyn Nets sharp-shooter Seth Curry, the series shares the origin stories of the world’s most beloved athletes through the words and memories of the people who taught them and know them best, their parents.  

“We so often hear that Pixellot products have helped athletes and coaches get the necessary exposure required to take them to the next level. “My First Coach,” is an original series that not only celebrates the relationships and paths taken on the journey to success, and the investment and commitment to make another generation of pro athletes,” said Yossi Tarablus AVP Global Marketing at Pixellot. “We were excited to partner with Team Whistle to create original content that seamlessly ties back to our product and its the revolution it creates in youth sports.”  

It is incredible to me, the difference having access to solutions like Pixellot’s Air camera and VidSwap, their analytics platform makes for a young athlete’s trajectory. I didn’t have the same resources at my disposal to capture my children’s important moments on film, and now this won’t happen again for the next generation of athletes,” said Dell Curry. “The technology now also gives youth teams the chance to capture their own highlights and stats. This is   important for them to maximize each team and athlete’s potential and reach greater heights.”   

“At Whistle, we tell human stories about athletes and entertainers off the court and field, and the journey they take to reach success inclusive of the highs and lows,”  said Ben Goldhagen, Head Of International Business Development at Team Whistle. “We were excited to collaborate with Pixellot, to create the original “My First Coach” series for their channels, because the format allows us to get an intimate picture of the starting journey successful athletes have taken on their path to infamy.” 

As part of the collaboration, a Pixellot Air camera was given to Dell Curry, who then chose to give it to Malcolm Sanders, the actual first coach of Stephen and Seth. He has served as a Youth League Coach to many kids in the Charlotte community throughout the years. 

In addition to the original series, there will be native short-form video assets created for each social platform like Stephen or Seth, Getting to know Dell, This or That, Top Three Moments, and Truth or Dare. Stephen or Seth, includes a series of rapid fire questions that further reveal Stephen and Seth’s personalities. Getting to know Dell, we ask a series of questions and answers which helps the viewers learn more about his life. This or That, where Dell will choose between two answers based on the popular social trend. Top Three Moments, which will have Dell share three moments of his career and his son’s not captured on camera, and Truth or Dare, where Dell will need to share a home truth, or take on a challenge with the ball.  All assets will surround the “untold stories” of memories from the family archive, to help viewers gain a better connection with the former basketball superstar and his family.  

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