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TAC Chair calls for broadcaster collaboration

October 26, 2022

Dyfrig Davies, Chair of  TAC, which represents the independent television production sector in Wales, has called for collaboration from broadcasters to support independent television production companies in Wales in the current economic climate.

“The challenges facing the industry with rising costs on the sector are having an impact on our position as independent companies here in Wales; it’s a time of financial squeeze and our budgets aren’t increasing when making programmes, and we cannot pass this on to our customers.”

“I am therefore calling today on the broadcasters to work with TAC and with our independent production companies to ensure that the squeeze is not seen and felt on screen.”

“It is possible to save time and most importantly save money by ensuring effective collaboration with the broadcasters within the commissioning processes, and it also needs to consider working pressures on the workforce and the wellbeing and mental health of company members.”

“It is important for me to emphasise that I am not finding fault with individuals in terms of commissioners and heads, but rather to ask for strong collaboration to create and keep to a realistic schedule and be practical in terms of workload when creating programmes.  In the effective collaboration and planning, we can achieve more for the money that is diminishing and continue to put our viewers and listeners first with programmes and content of the highest quality.  A remarkable standard considering that we’re not seeing any increase in the budgets.”

“TAC is very grateful that S4C and BBC Cymru Wales have joined us at today’s AGM so that we can have constructive discussions on the way forward in the current economic climate for the benefit of the sector and the broadcasting industry in Wales.”

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