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Arianespace, SMC sign MOU

November 1, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Arianespace is looking to have a closer relations ship with Australian space sturt-up Space Machines. The business focuses on Space Tugs (more correctly orbital transfer vehicles/OTV).

Arianespace and Space Machines (SMC) signed an agreement on October 31st which created the core basis of their co-operation and which could lead to a closer relationship in particular offering services which include post-launch aid to satellites.

The MoU is meant to study the available options to ensure an optimal compatibility between the launchers and SMC’s OTV family, SMC said.

SMC’s OTV is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Australia. The in-space capability addresses the issue of space debris by helping customers manage their satellites in space. SMC’s spacecraft will allow for in-orbit logistics services like spacecraft inspection, servicing, maintenance and removal.

The Australian company’s first ‘Tug’ is Optimus-1 and due to be available during Q2 2023 and is slated to launch on a SpaceX rocket.

The current plan, following its launch, is for Optimus-1 to help Australian clients to get their satellites to their planned orbits.

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