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Plume: Which devices dominate the OpenSync universe?  

November 1, 2022

In 2018, Plume made OpenSync available as an open-source, silicon-to-service framework. It is now the go-to platform for the broadband industry, with over 350 CSPs relying on it to provide cloud-driven services for 43 million locations.

No other industry initiative is as scaled as OpenSync. What Plume believed could be achieved in 2018 is now a reality: a massively rooted ecosystem which will lead to exponential growth year-over-year as Plume moves into the future.

  • 890 petabytes of data managed every single day
  • 15.4 billion network optimizations performed in the last year
  • 5.7 billion cyber-threats blocked in the last year
  • 75,678 unique device kinds
  • 9,994 connected device brands
  • 85 connected device categories

Earlier this month Plume celebrated surpassing a key milestone as more than 2 billion connected devices have been managed on OpenSync-powered networks! So, Plume dipped into data from the ever-expanding OpenSync universe to determine the brands and devices that have proven to be the most popular over time.

At the brand level, Apple dominates with a 54% share while smartphones are the most popular devices with 40.9% of the deployed base. The iPhone family is the smart home users’ go-to product with 15.1%. When drilling down to specific models, Apple’s MacBook Pro (5.7%) beats Microsoft’s Xbox One (4.7%) to the top spot.

A thriving ecosystem with a rich history:

As with any open-source initiative, the best way to measure success is through a diversity of players: contributors, creators, and adopters working together to enrich the initiative. A flourishing ecosystem requires participation from all types of partners including app developers, hardware manufacturers, and operators. 

OpenSync has developed a fully-functioning and thriving environment in its four years: 

  • 2019
    • Launch of OpenSync-enabled gateways into the largest CSPs in North America (Charter Communications, Bell Canada), Japan (J:COM), UK (Virgin Media), and many other operators in Europe
    • Advanced Device Typing, cyber-security, content filtering, and WiFi motion detection features introduced
    • 10M homes managed
  • 2020
    • Deployment expansion with one of the largest CSPs in the world (Liberty Global) across their European footprint
    • Selected by the Telecom Infra Project as the core WiFi Management Solution for OpenWiFi 1.0
    • WiFi 6 network optimization, dynamic deep-packet inspection, device prioritization, and small business features added
    • Expansion of the OpenSync ecosystem with additional SOC and ODM partners.
      • 7 SOC partners added
      • 10 ODM partners added
    • 20M locations managed
  • 2021
    • Establishment of the OpenSync Integration Center (OIC)
      • Formal OpenSync integration certification available from Plume, accelerating CPE certifications
    • WiFi 6E network optimization, LTE backup, DPP onboarding, configurable firewall, application detection, and Hotspot 2.0 features added
    • Ecosystem growth
      • Expansion to 20 ODM partners
    • 30M locations managed
      • First commercial deployments of generic OpenSync-integrated devices
    • 1B client devices managed
  • 2022
    • Application prioritization, application QoE, IPSec tunneling, and 5G FWA features added
    • Over 35 CPE devices are OpenSync-certified and -deployed
    • 43M+ locations managed
    • 2B+ client devices managed

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