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WaterBear Network partners with Fairphone, Ecologi

November 1, 2022

WaterBear Network, a free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet, has announced the launch of dedicated purpose-led content with brand partners across key sectors. The collaboration sees WaterBear Network partner with Fairphone and Ecologi to produce content reaching audiences in up to 194 countries through impact-led storytelling.

The content partnerships tackle circularity and climate action, told through the eyes of key ambassadors.

WaterBear Network connects partners to a network of more than 140 NGOs. Their content production, distribution and activations enable partners to execute multichannel campaigns that communicate the impact of purposeful brands while inspiring consumers to take action on key environmental and social issues.

Ecologi is a certified B Corporation which helps businesses and individuals fund climate solutions – from tree planting to verified carbon avoidance projects. As part of the partnership, WaterBear created an impact-led three-part mini-series 1.5 Degrees of Confusion. Narrated by TV presenter Ade Adepitan, the mini-series supports Ecologi in their mission to ensure the world stays below the 1.5 degrees global warming set out in the Paris Agreement. The series will launch on the WaterBear platform on November 7th, following the start of COP27. The series aims to clear up climate confusion, simplify the jargon, and explain exactly how we as individuals and businesses can be a part of the solution to tackling climate change.

Fairphone is an electronics manufacturer, and certified B Corporation, that designs and produces smartphones with a lower environmental footprint and better social impact than is common in the industry. As part of the partnership, WaterBear worked with Fairphone to create the short documentary Behind the Screens. Launching on November 18th on the WaterBear platform, the documentary takes viewers on an immersive journey into the people, places, and materials behind our everyday obsession with the mobile phone. It will expose the complex, resource-intensive production process of the device that frames so much modern-day conversation.

The new partnerships come as WaterBear expands its sales team with the announcement of new VP of Commercial, Tom Noble-Sabokbar. He joins as former MD of the social media agency ‘Hey Honey’ and prior to that – VICE Media Group working with brands that include UNILEVER, COTY, Harman International & Adidas.

Noble-Sabokbar said: “These inspiring and impactful B Corps are pioneering a sustainable and responsible future. We are  proud to have them by our side as we take WaterBear forwards. With some incredible plans for next year and beyond, we have some crucial stories to tell.”

Elliot Coad, CEO at Ecologi, said: “Tackling climate change will depend upon individuals and businesses understanding how they can make a difference. Powerful storytelling is key to this. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with WaterBear, who understand the power of content in driving people to take climate action and become part of the solution.”

Eva Gouwens, CEO at Fairphone, added: “The smartphone industry’s business model needs to change. Companies stick to the old model of pushing the latest phone, meaning billions of phones are sold each year and only a small fraction are recycled. As a result, E-waste has become the fastest growing waste stream. This “make-use-dispose” attitude in the industry affects the relationships and people in the supply chain. From the mines to the assembly factories, working conditions are often poor. Lifting the lid on this issue will be key to encouraging more sustainable consumer practices. WaterBear is the perfect partner in this mission.”

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