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$47m damages in music copyright case

November 4, 2022

By Colin Mann

A federal jury in Austin, Texas, has found communications service provider Grande Communications liable for wilful infringement of 1,403 copyrighted sound recordings and ordered it to pay $46,766,200 (€47.8m) in damages to a group of record label plaintiffs.

US federal law does not allow internet providers to be wilfully blind to online piracy on their networks. In this case, the jury found that Grande Communications failed to meet its legal obligations and was liable for wilful copyright infringement.

The decision follows several other high-profile cases and settlements addressing repeat infringement on internet provider networks including Cox Communications and Bright House Networks/Charter.

“This is the latest validation by US courts and juries that unchecked online infringement will not stand,” stated Mitch Glazier, Chairman and CEO of recording industry trade body RIAA. “The jury’s strong action here sends an important message to Internet Service Providers. Artists, songwriters, rightsholders, fans and legitimate services all depend upon a healthy digital music ecosystem that effectively protects creative works online.”

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