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Yieldmo, IRIS.TV partnership

November 8, 2022

Yieldmo, the smart advertising exchange, has announced an agreement to collaborate with IRIS.TV, the data platform built for video, increasing publisher and buyer adoption of contextually enriched CTV. This partnership offering includes omnichannel contextual curation to buyers across CTV, OLV, and display advertising from a number of independent data companies.

“This partnership is an important next step in demonstrating the way contextual and brand safety tools can overlap to enhance the media buying experience on CTV,” commented Jeremy Steinberg, Chief Revenue Officer & GM, Exchange, Yieldmo. “For years, Yieldmo has been building its ability to use combinations of smart signals and behaviors to predict an outcome, and then optimise the campaign toward the inventory that meets those outcomes. We’re excited to bring these same smart capabilities to new environments like CTV and beyond.”

This partnership – due to launch early next year – will introduce Yieldmo’s Smart Signals and Smart Data Curation to CTV and omnichannel video deal-based packaging. The partnership will also support curation via IRIS.TV data partners, such as Oracle Advertising, Kerv, Pixability and more, enabling contextual and brand safety targeting options from independent CTV data companies. By combining these options with Yieldmo’s unique data and format capabilities, advertisers will be able to drive better outcomes from their campaigns.

“Yieldmo’s AI capabilities and contextual data reveal high-value and high-performing inventory to advertisers. IRIS.TV ingests and normalizes video-level content data by assigning each video with an anonymized IRIS_ID, which acts as a content identifier for videos that supports various planning, targeting, verification, and measurement use cases,“ said Field Garthwaite, CEO and Co-Founder, IRIS.TV. “We are excited to partner with Yieldmo to integrate our technology in their smart exchange.”

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