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Survey: 64% interested in World Cup Metaverse

November 10, 2022

Research from Bankless Times has shown that World Cup viewers are aware of the possibility of integrating AR/VR technologies, as well as the metaverse, with the tournament itself. These technologies are closing the gap between watching the World Cup on TV, and actually being in the stands.

When asked about a new experience they would like, 64 per cent of World Cup viewers in the UK, and 62 per cent of US viewers, expressed an interest in using the metaverse. They want something a bit more interactive than simply watching it through a screen.

It seems FIFA has listened to its viewers and has offered a partial solution. The football association has launched a metaverse ecosystem within online video game Roblox for people to have a more immersive experience. They will be able to interact with other fans, hang out in the same (virtual) places and bars, as well as play various games. This system could also attract some of Roblox’s 30 million daily player base who might not usually be interested in football.

Furthermore, the metaverse isn’t the only new way people can experience the World Cup. Firstly, 27 per cent of UK viewers and 30 per cent of US viewers would like to see a 360-degree live video of the game. And another 25 per cent (UK), and 24 per cent (US), want to have an AR/VR experience.

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