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NBCUniversal’s One Platform hits Key Milestones

November 16, 2022

NBCUniversal unveiled key enhancements to One Platform, its advertising technology, data, and measurement offering.

Since itsdeveloper conference One22in March, the company has expanded its partnerships, and rolled out more capabilities offering advertisers new scale and precision targeting, activation and automation technologies, new data and currency options within a 100 percent premium content portfolio. Everything announced during One22 is now fully operational and is delivering impact for advertisers – locally, nationally, and globally. 


  • 100% Premium Content Reach: One Platform is the only tech-enabled premium trading platform for all advertisers, allowing marketers to reach nearly 230 million adults monthly in the U.S, and one billion people globally. This includes Peacock, 350+ digital properties, 200+ networks, 5 Theme Parks, and fans in more than 150 countries, through partnerships with Sky Media, Apple, YouTube, Twitter, Snap, RTL and more. Through technical integrations with tech, gaming and social platform partners, NBCU also delivers incremental reach for advertisers, in a brand safe environment.
  • Accelerated Client Adoption: Advertisers have adopted NBCU’s approach to precision and scale trading on every screen, moving away from demos and dayparts. Advanced advertising campaigns make up more than a third of NBCU’s streaming and digital business. Plus, the company now offers more tools to help small and medium-sized companies access premium video advertising. In the last year, NBCU has run a record-breaking 400 data-driven linear and cross-platform campaigns, helped advertisers reach 1,450 unique audience segments, launched 3,100 audience-based streaming campaigns, and enabled over 7,000 programmatic video campaigns.
  • Full-Funnel Results: Advertisers leveraging One Platform’s data-driven targeting are driving double-digit lift in business impact at every stage of the purchase funnel – averaging 14 percent brand lift, 22 percent lift in site visits, 15 percent higher foot traffic, and 16 percent sales lift.

To help advertisers grow their business, NBCU continues to enhance One Platform in four key areas: Data and Identity, Activation and Automation, Ad Innovation and Measurement. 

    • Harnessing Data with a Privacy-First Approach: NBCU has doubled down on technologies that focus on consumers’ privacy and allow them to enjoy a personalized ad experience, while equally enabling advertisers to engage consumers across any screen or platform, with high levels of precision. 
    • Scaling Identity Footprint: NBCU has designed a transparent and interoperable data platform, created from direct interactions with consumers across its sports, entertainment, ecommerce, and streaming touchpoints. NBCUnified, the holistic, first-party identity platform, has surpassed 200 million person-level and 90 million household first-party generated IDs from across its entire portfolio. In a privacy-focused way, advertisers can find, match, and target audiences at scale, including more than 1200 first-party attributes, that illuminate NBCU’s fandom and consumption, to find, match, and target audiences at scale. 
    • Accelerating Data Partnerships: NBCUnified has experienced accelerated adoption from clients and partners including dentsu – the first agency network to integrate with the platform earlier this year – as well as General Motors, JC Penney, as well as new clients from the financial services and automotive industries. These advertisers will use NBCUnified’s insights to create targeted, personalized and measurable ad experiences.
    • Rapidly Scaling Advanced Targeting: With the introduction of Peacock AX (Peacock Audience Extension) NBCU has scaled precision audience targeting across its full streaming portfolio and has increased combined addressability by 50 percent
    • Scaling Programmatic Enablement on Peacock: NBCU is committed to scaling programmatic access to its streaming portfolio. Consistent with its DSP-agnostic approach, NBCU has certified 11 DSPs for programmatic buying on Peacock and across Peacock AX, including Beeswax and The Trade Desk.  
    • Bringing Programmatic to Peacock Live Sports: Live sports continue to fuel fandom while driving customer acquisition and retention, and Peacock has more live leagues than any other streaming service. Starting in Q4, advertisers will be able to buy live sports on Peacock programmatically, including in the upcoming World Cup, future Olympics, and more.  
    • RFP Automation Complete: For the first time, the premium video RFP process is fully automated, thanks to successful integrations between NBCU One Platform, Mediaocean and Salesforce Media Cloud. Dentsu, GroupM and others have already begun using this new buying system and process.  
    • Unlocking Self-Service Buying for Growth Marketers with Peacock Ad Manager: Millions of advertisers have not been able to tap into the power of premium video. NBCU has partnered with tvScientific, an innovator in connected TV performance advertising, to build Peacock Ad Manager, a new self-service ad buying platform with built-in precision targeting and full-funnel attribution. Peacock Ad Manager is anticipated to fully launch in 2023.
    • Viewers and Advertisers Guide Decision-Making: NBCU’s suite of 60+ Commercial Innovations and ad experiences are engineered for optimal user viewing and advertiser impact on all platforms including over 10 product innovations on Peacock. Peacock’sSolo Ad and Pod Bounce Ad reduce clutter, driving 2x and 1.5x more viewing per visit, respectively. Non-interruptive units like the Pause Ad elicit positive feedback from users and drive 50 percent greater ad memorability. Collectively, the suite of Peacock ad innovations delivers double-digit KPI lift across the purchase funnel, including 50 percent lift in purchase intent vs. CTV norms. 
    • Product Development Fueled by Advertiser Collaboration: NBCU’s Peacock Streaming Council comprises leaned-in advertisers who want to shape the future of streaming. Direct input from Council members recently led to both the Spotlight Ad and Ad Harmonizer,allowing advertisers to tap into the scale and first party data of Peacock (via NBCUnified) to maximize reach and customize ad creative. 
    • Bringing New Quality Standards to Video Creative: To ensure advertising creative is high quality, NBCU created an automated quality control system that flags when a creative does not meet a platform’s technical specifications or standards, and this functionality was just granted a U.S. patent. This is the second U.S. patent for components that comprise NBCU’s creative automation suite, which is setting new standards for creative quality control in streaming. 
    • Massive NBCU Test & Learn with New Cross-Platform Currency: In partnership with 158 brands, NBCU completed the first-of-its-kind test-and-learn program measuring ad performance across NBCU’s One Platform with The test demonstrated that the optimal mix for streaming is 30 to 40 percent, and cross-platform currency can help evolve the optimal mix and complement linear schedules with results delivered within 48 hours. 
    • Scaling NBCU Data Interoperability: NBCU’s data interoperability initiative unlocks key self-service capabilities such as privacy-minded digital audience exploration to understand how NBCU audiences and buy-side consumers overlap, providing partners with the ability to run their own cross-platform campaign reach & frequency measurement and conduct their own attribution. To date, NBCU has partnered with 6 agencies and 6 measurement vendors to provide digital campaign performance data for more than 100+ buy- and sell-side measurement studies across 27 advertisers
    • Leading the Way for Measurement Transformation: On November 9th, more than 100 participants, including advertiser and agency executives, trade body leaders, measurement and ad tech partners, and buying platforms participated in NBCU’s fourth Measurement Innovation Forum. 
    • New Currency Initiative: As part its Measurement Innovation Forum, leading brands like General Motors, Marriott Bonvoy, PepsiCo, State Farm®, T-Mobile and Wayfair, as well as leaders in financial services, retail and entertainment across all major holding companies have signed up to be part of a new currency initiative. Marketing innovators will transact with NBCU using new currencies, and work to build a new operating framework to accelerate the adoption of new currencies for the next Upfront cycle. This is another way NBCU has upgraded from age and gender to deliver cross platform audiences at precision and scale. 


NBCU’s signature developer conference is a testament to the power of collaboration for making progress in the industry. The next iteration of its developer conference at the intersection of media and technology, One23. Held on February 16, 2023, One23 will expand to include more ways for clients and partners to participate, with dedicated tracks for key capabilities and initiatives. More details will be shared later. 

“We created One21 to introduce One Platform as the bridge between NBCUniversal’s iconic media and advanced technology capabilities, and One22 showcased how we brought One Platform to market with our universe of partners,” said Krishan Bhatia, President & Chief Business Officer, Global Advertising and Partnerships, NBCUniversal. “As One Platform continues to scale, One23 will lean into a new level of collaboration. We’ll be focused on how clients and partners from across the industry – advertisers, agencies, tech partners, and more – are delivering on the data-driven future of advertising, today.” 

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