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FAST Channels TV launches 5 Christmas channels

November 22, 2022

Discover seasonal classics, Christmas comedies and holiday hits with five festive channels from FAST Channels TV.

The brand new Holidays Channel features over 120 hours of Christmas videos, including snowscapes and holiday scenes to a mix of music styles – there’s even videos for pets. Karaoke Christmas is the home of holiday hits, a one of a kind channel where viewers can sing along to their favourite festive tracks, and The Christmas Channel is full of heartwarming movies and feel-good music. The Holiday TV Channel features a selection of seasonal films and shows the whole family can enjoy, while on a-z Holiday Christmas, every day is Christmas day; viewers can watch holiday classics and discover new favourites, all in one place. Distribution partner, Mometu, are already taking advantage of FAST Channels TV seasonal offering.

Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV, commented: “During this time of the year, consumers are actively seeking out holiday content. Our collection of Christmas channels offers a curated selection of some of the most popular seasonal TV, movies, and music, allowing partners to deliver holiday content during the biggest period of the year, and complementing our portfolio in line with our mission to bring great entertainment to fans old and new.”

FAST Channels TV’s channel count now stands at over 230, with more being added each month. If you have premium content and want to create a FAST channel, or are looking for more content for your platform, talk to the team at FAST Channels TV on

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