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NTT DOCOMO, SK Telecom tech collaboration

November 22, 2022

By Colin Mann

Japanese telco NTT DOCOMO has agreed with Korean telco SK Telecom (SKT) to collaborate on the competitive enhancement of their respective smart-life businesses and communications-infrastructure technologies worldwide.

In the smart-life field, DOCOMO and SKT will discuss joint production of original content for their respective video distribution platforms and leverage their video-business synergies for expanded presence on the global stage.

In metaverse-related services, they will consider opportunities to jointly produce virtual content, including 3D models, volumetric videos and virtual cities, as well as explore possibilities for connecting their respective platforms over the long term.

The two companies are discussing joint production of metaverse content. This includes co-creation of K-pop and J-pop content and applying them to both of their services. In particular, they will consider the idea of jointly securing intellectual properties (IPs) of popular games and animations in Korea and Japan, and jointly investing in metaverse-related content providers or mixed reality-related device makers.

In the field of telecommunications-infrastructure technologies, the two companies will pursue cooperation aimed at advancing 5G commercial services, which both firms have already started offering. Specific areas of technical consideration will include 5G Stand Alone, millimetre-wave utilisation, energy-efficient networks, and Open RAN/vRsN.

In addition, they will align their concepts and timelines for the early deployment of 6G through joint research and development as well as standardisation, with joint testing to begin possibly next year. Such efforts are expected to support the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) concept being promoted by NTT, DOCOMO’s parent. Alignment will include collaboration with the IOWN Global Forum, which is striving to propel communication and network-infrastructure technologies capable of meeting future technological challenges and societal needs.

“The MOU has a significant meaning as it is a cooperation between the representative mobile operators of Korea and Japan,” stated Ryu Young-sang, SK Telecom President & CEO. “By working together with NTT DOCOMO in the area of future ICT, we will generate tangible results that drive global ICT innovation.”

“By combining our technological capabilities and the know-how we have cultivated across years of experience, we hope to create new services that will allow customers around the world to experience new forms of excitement,” added Motoyuki Ii, NTT DOCOMO President & CEO. “We look forward to working with SK Telecom to develop the businesses of both companies.”

“As world-leading telecommunications carriers with a shared vision, DOCOMO and SKT look forward to collaborating on global technologies and services that will mutually strengthen the competitiveness of their global businesses,” concluded the pair.

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