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Are streamers delivering their A-game for sports video quality?

November 30, 2022

Are streaming providers delivering their A-game when it comes to the video quality of the most-watched sports event of the year?

While the world was counting the goals in the first World Cup match of Qatar vs. Ecuador, our virtual eyes were scoring the perceptual video quality. The result: all three streaming providers scored below a SSIMPLUS Viewer Score of 80, the minimum recommended level for delivering such important world sports events at an acceptable level.

The three providers we monitored for the opening game of Qatar vs. Ecuador delivered with Viewer Scores of 78.1, 71.1, and 73.7. The last score is for YouTube TV. That’s subpar for any event, but especially for a sporting event that draws more viewers than any other, including the Olympics. Fortune predicts that the 2022 World Cup will attract 5 billion viewers worldwide.


By Abdul Rehman, CEO and co-founder of SSIMWAVE

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