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Data: Streamers see surge in World Cup viewing

November 30, 2022

Despite a somewhat slow start in terms of viewership numbers compared with the previous World Cup, the first week of Qatar 2022 has seen a massive surge in usage amongst providers with streaming rights.

Global streaming analytics specialist NPAW looked at engagement data for a selection of its clients and identified a 290 per cent increase in the average daily number of plays for the first week of the tournament compared with the daily average for the 15 days before, with some individual streaming services experiencing an increase of plays of up to 570 per cent during peak days when their countries’ teams played.

The average daily playtime for the first week of the Cup saw a similar boost (+294 per cent) when compared with the average for the previous 15 days, with individual services seeing an increase of up to 718 per cent in daily playtime during peak days coinciding with matches of their national teams.

Both the average daily number of plays and the average playtime increased significantly throughout the week after a lukewarm first day, with the avg. daily number of plays for November 27th being 216 per cent higher than that of the opening day and the average daily playtime registering a 207 per cent increase for the same period. These figures clearly show a growing interest among fans as the focus shifts away from the off-field controversies that marked the beginning of the tournament.

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