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Extreme E delivers Season 2 finale on 100% renewable power

November 30, 2022

As Extreme E reached the end of its second season in Punta del Este, Uruguay, the championship reached a new milestone by delivering an event fully powered by renewable energy for the first time.As a result, the Uruguay Natural Energy X Prix focussed on just that – energy! In this case, shining a light on the renewable energy solutions that Uruguay is investing in. With 98 per cent of the country’s electricity generation originating from renewable sources, Extreme E used the Uruguayan National grid as the backbone of operations for the Season 2 finale. The remainder of energy required was provided by solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells installed by Extreme E, and the on-site generators fell silent as the paddock switched to 100 per cent clean energy for the first time. This was achieved thanks to the combined efforts of Power Logistics, AFC Energy and ENOWA at the Uruguay Natural Energy X Prix.Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, also received a certificate from the National Administration of Electrical Power Generation and Transmission (UTE) confirming the series’ 100 per cent renewable event in Uruguay.This marks a huge achievement for the sport for purpose series, as it continues to push the boundaries of sustainable motorsport.

Despite being the second smallest sovereign nation in South America, Uruguay is leading the green energy charge on the continent. In particular, the contribution of wind energy positions Uruguay as a world leader in the sector alongside Denmark, Ireland and Portugal.Uruguay may have been the season finale in 2022, but it is just the beginning of the next phase in Extreme E’s renewables journey.FanZoneThe Uruguay Natural Energy X Prix was an event of many firsts, as Extreme E invited local fans to an X Prix with an all-new FanZone to accommodate the bustling spectators.

With help from the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism, the championship welcomed fans on-site for the first time. The invitation went out to only local fans, along with a code of conduct encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour from visitors such as travelling by public transport, recycling on site and bringing their own resuable water bottles.Christine GZ, Extreme E Championship Driver, said: “The FanZone went amazingly. Everyone was really friendly, and as soon as we got the music going everyone was excited and gathering around to asking questions about the championship.“I got involved with some commentary, explaining a bit about how the race was going, what was a Switch Zone and things like that, and then we started playing football with the kids which topped off such a fun experience.”Festivities got underway ahead of the racing action, with a roadshow in downtown Punta del Este. A welcome speech was delivered by Alejandro Agag, while the drivers in the title contending teams took questions from the crowd of fans.An autograph session followed, where the spectators got up close and personal with the stars and cars of Extreme E ahead of the final race of 2022.Ezequiel Companc, XITE ENERGY Racing, said: “It’s been an amazing event, and to introduce a parade to Extreme E was something quite amazing. Being close to the fans was a great experience – they really appreciated it and so did the drivers. This is quite a new series, only two years now, so it was amazing to see so many people coming by to give us the love.”

Extreme E’s visit to Uruguay continued the series’ efforts around equality in motorsport. Before the highly anticipated season finale got underway, the series also invited local school children on-site, introducing them to life behind the scenes of the ground-breaking championship.The girls and boys were given the thrilling opportunity to get inside the cockpit of the colossal ODYSSEY 21, received talks from championship suppliers around the racing technology, like ENOWA, and interacted with the teams and drivers. Championship winners X44 Vida Carbon Racing, ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team and Veloce Racing were among but a few that introduced the children to the world of motorsport.Legacy ProgrammesThe sport for purpose series took a three-pronged approach towards its legacy efforts in Uruguay, turning its attention towards marine conservation, ecotourism, and renewable energy awareness.Before racing got underway, the championship’s drivers visited both a colony of sea lions and fur seals, and a wind-farm run by the UTE.

Kevin Hansen, Veloce Racing, said: “It was interesting to hear so much about the importance of renewable energy here in this country, as well as how it is partnering with the OCC and their own commitments towards ocean preservation. It was a great way to start what was an incredible weekend in Punta del Este.”While Uruguay is highly vulnerable to climate chage, so too are its oceans, which are home to a rich range of ecosystems. Tackling these issues head on, Extreme E has partnered with the Organisation for Cetacean Conservation (OCC).Extreme E will work with the OCC to help continue their efforts with their school education and itinerant exhibitions – driving the importance of marine life.

Extreme E’s funding will also go towards improving the OCC’s whale photo-ID catalogue, organising and processing existing material and generating new content. These ID catalogues are integral in helping track and monitor whale data in Uruguayan waters.Tipping PointExtreme E’s own experts delivered talks throughout the race week. The all-electric series featured multiple Tipping Point talks centred around the renewable energy solutions that can lead the way to a more sustainable future.These engaging talks feature at all Extreme E events, provoking thoughts and discussion around environmental issues and sustainable alternatives.

Most notable in Uruguay was a discussion lead by the Head of Extreme E’s Scientific Committee, Professor Richard Washington, who was joined by Extreme E Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag, Juan Bello of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), and Marc Coltelli from Extreme E’s Official Innovation Partner EY, as the panel discussed recent developments in clean, green energy.As the championship heads into its third season, the upcoming X Prix will integrate further technologies and new innovations, such as announcing Kaizen Clean Energy as its Official Clean Energy Technology Provider, as Extreme E designs a touring package that will be provide 100 per cent of the clean energy needed at each X Prix.

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